Messiah 2030 The Prophetic Messianic Timeline video review

This Revelation Timeline Decoded post reviews a video called ‘Messiah 2030 ~ The Prophetic Messianic Timeline.’

Someone asked me what I think of this video, so I’m posting this review to show the fallacies of the explanations. The video provides some interesting explanations, but ultimately it’s misleading people about prophecy fulfillment.

Video description: Dozens of Biblical prophecies not only point to the exact year of the Messiah’s first coming (30 C.E.), but those same prophecies even point to the year of his return (2030 C.E.). It has all been hidden in plain sight for thousands of years.

It's interesting that the Messiah 2030 YouTube channel was created on 02/15/23 and it already has over 10k subscribers. It’s interesting that the Messiah 2030 YouTube channel was created on 02/15/23 and it already has over 10k subscribers. 

Their About page doesn’t identify who produced it, nor does the website; which is odd. Why the secrecy?

It’s amazing to me that the Messiah 2030 The Prophetic Messianic Timeline video covers 41 prophecies which points to Messiah’s first advent and supposedly to His second; but it fails to mention the one prophecy which foretold exactly when Messiah appeared to carry out His ministry and die for our sins, the 70 weeks of Daniel 9 prophecy.

Daniel 9:24-27 gives a 70-week prophecy. With the starting point of 457 BC at the command of King Artaxerxes to rebuild Jerusalem, the 69th week ended in 26 AD, which led to the 70th week being fulfilled from 27-34 AD.

Daniel 9:27 points to Messiah the prince who caused the temple sacrifice to cease in the middle of the seven years, when He confirmed the everlasting covenant (that was mentioned in Daniel 9:4) with His blood as the Spotless Passover Lamb.

The 70th week of Daniel 9 is the most important prophecy in the Bible, as it points to the highlight of human history when the promised Messiah came to carry out His multiyear ministry, die for our sins, rise again, ascend to heaven and promise to return for His saints.

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Messiah 2030 says that ‘1 Jubilee Unit = 50 years,’ so the length of men’s days of 120 years times 50 jubilees is 6,000 years.

This explanation is off-target, as a Jubilee cycle is 49 years, not 50!

The Heavenly Father uses cycles of seven. Seven sevens of years form a 49-year Jubilee cycle. The year of Jubilee is celebrated during the year after 49 years, in the 50th year, which is the first year of the next 49-year Jubilee cycle.

We see this in the 70 weeks of Daniel 9 prophecy, which points to 70 sevens of years, which is 490 years. It’s pointing to ten 49-year Jubilee cycles.

The first segment of time in the prophecy is seven weeks, which points to 49-years. This means that the first year of the 490-year prophecy was a year of Jubilee, which marked the Jews being set free to go rebuild Jerusalem.

After the ten Jubilee cycles of the 490-year 70 weeks of Daniel 9 prophecy were fulfilled, the next year was a year of Jubilee. 

When you read the narrative of Acts, you see that after the death of Stephen in 34 AD, the narrative changed dramatically as the Gospel is also proclaimed to the Gentiles, who are being set free.

Messiah 2030 says that Messiah’s death and resurrection was most certainly a Jubilee year.

He cites Luke 4:16-19, when Messiah read the passage in Isaiah and proclaimed in Luke 4:21, “This day is this scripture fulfilled in your ears.”

The problem with the statement is that Messiah did not die in the same year that He read that passage. He carried out His three-year ministry and died in the middle of the 70th week of Daniel 9.

Besides that, the 70 weeks of Daniel 9 prophecy shows that the year of Jubilee was fulfilled in 34 AD, after the ten Jubilee cycles were fulfilled. It represents the Gentiles being set free as they heard the Gospel proclaimed to them.

This fits in with the context of Luke 4, as Messiah told several stories to the Jewish leaders, about His Father taking care of Gentiles during times of trouble for Israel. This led to the Jews seeking to kill Messiah.

Messiah is the light of the world and He came so that both Jews and Gentiles would believe in Him.

Messiah 2030, in ‘The David and Goliath Prophecy’ points to an end-times lawless one and antichrist.

This explanation is off-target, as the office of the papacy, the Popes of Rome, fulfill Bible prophecy as the ‘little horn‘ of Daniel 7, the ‘son of perdition‘ of 2 Thessalonians 2, and ‘the beast‘ of Revelation 13, who leads the ‘harlot‘ church of Rome.

The popes of Rome were give civil authority in 538 AD, after the restrainer Western Roman Emperor was removed from power in 476 AD, as part of the fourth trumpet judgment.

The popes of Rome proclaim to lead Messiah’s church, thus they seem to sit in the temple. The popes have already proclaimed to be God, forgive sins and provide salvation, which is blasphemy.

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Messiah 2030, in ‘The Jonah Prophecy’ points to the time of the great tribulation nearly 2,000 years after Messiah’s resurrection.

This is the typical futuristic prophecy fulfillment explanation, but the times of tribulation in Daniel and Revelation have already been fulfilled, so it’s a false narrative. Read Times Of Great Tribulation In Daniel And Revelation

Messiah 2030 pointed to the sixth trumpet judgment, saying that they don’t repent, in applying it to the end times.

But the sixth trumpet was about the Turks being sent to conquer Constantinople, knocking down the thick protective city walls with large cannons that filled the air with ‘fire, smoke and brimstone.’ Even after this judgment, the people did not repent. Read Revelation 9 – 6th Trumpet

Messiah 2030 pointed the fourth vial in Revelation 16, applying it to the end times.

But the fourth vial was about Napoleon’s army scorching the earth when it attacked countries in Europe, which was punishment of them for killing the saints. Read Revelation 16 – 4th Bowl Judgment

Messiah 2030 pointed the fifth vial in Revelation 16, applying it to the end times.

But the fifth vial was about about Napoleon’s army removing the antichrist beast pope from civil power in 1798 AD, ending his 1,260-year reign. Read Revelation 16 – 5th Bowl Judgment

Messiah 2030 pointed to Revelation 18, saying ‘come out of her.’

What he didn’t teach is that Messiah is telling people to come out of the harlot Roman Catholic Church of the antichrist beast popes. Today, 1.3 billion Catholics have the mark of the beast on them, as they revere (mark on forehead, thoughts) and obey (mark on right hand, actions) the pope as their leader.

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Messiah 2030, in ‘The Three Measures of Leaven Prophecy’ says that we are waiting for the kingdom to arrive on earth.

This statement is off-target, as Messiah repeatedly said that the ‘kingdom of God is at hand.’

Fulfilling the prophecies in Daniel 2 and Daniel 7, Messiah set up His Father’s kingdom in the first century and it’s grown into a great mountain of people ever since. Not everything has been put under Messiah’s feet, as not all prophecy has been fulfilled, but His followers are part of His kingdom.

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Messiah 2030, in ‘The Birth Pang Prophecy’ says that Messiah likened the beginning of end times to the birth pains.

He points to strange events in the temple for forty years, which were a sign, but fails to connect the dots that the time of great tribulation for the unbelieving Jewish nation drew nigh. It was fulfilled during the Jewish-Roman War of 66-70 AD, when 1.1 million Jews died in and around Jerusalem from famine, pestilence, infighting, suicide, evisceration, crucifixion and by the Roman sword.

All of the things that Messiah described from Matthew 23:36 to Matthew 24:33 were fulfilled by 70 AD when the Romans desolated Jerusalem, the temple, and the Jewish nation.

The enemy has deceived people about the symbolism of the sun, moon, and stars being darkened; Messiah coming in power and glory; and the elect being gathered. But the Bible gives the proper definitions for the symbols.

We need to take Messiah at His Word and look at how the things that He described were about the Jewish nation, for their punishment of continuing their rebellion against the Father, for delivering Messiah up to be killed, and for persecuting His disciples.

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Messiah 2030, in ‘The Fig Tree Prophecy’ he points to the end times.

The fig tree represented the Jewish nation. For three years, Messiah found no fruit in the Jewish leaders, so He cursed the fig tree and it dried up, pointing to the coming judgment during the time of great tribulation in that generation.

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Messiah 2030, in ‘The Eighth Day’ prophecy, cites Revelation 14 to point to an end-times harvest.

But the harvests in Revelation 14 are not about the end times.

One harvest points to the Protestant Reformation, when the Gospel was proclaimed after the Dark Ages, and millions of people were redeemed for the kingdom.

The other harvest took place as judgment against the Catholics who revered and obeyed the antichrist beast pope’s orders to kill Messiah’s saints, thus they had the mark of the beast on them. Their judgment came during the first four bowl judgments, during the bloody French Revolution and Napoleonic Wars.

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Messiah 2030 gave some interesting explanations in the video, but it’s full of false prophecy fulfillment explanations which mislead people. 

I pray that this posts helps wake you up, so that you can see how the enemy has deceived the end-times saints, for Messiah’s return draw nigh and you don’t want to be caught off-guard like the foolish virgins who don’t have the oil of Scriptural truth to light their way.

On the Bible Prophecy Decoded website you will find a prophecy fulfillment learning track; with summary PDF’s, links to videos and audios, links to request free PDF’s of my prophecy books and links to order printed books.


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