Revelation Timeline Decoded

Revelation prophecy fulfillment is fairly straight-forward.

It’s all of the futuristic deceptions of the enemy that make it hard to see the truth of the fulfillment.

The enemy has programmed believers to look to the future for the fulfillment, as most prophecy teachers say that all of the Revelation seals, trumpets and bowls take place in the end-times. This is called futurism.

The truth is that most of Revelation has been fulfilled during the last 1,900 years, since it was written. This is called historicism.

Revelation 1:1 says, “The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave Him to show His servants–things which must shortly take place.”

And as you will learn, the first seal of Revelation was fulfilled shortly after John recorded the book of Revelation.

Ask yourself, what makes more sense?

That none of the Revelation prophecies would be fulfilled for 1,900+ years, and then all of them would be fulfilled during the final few years?

Or, that the Revelation prophecies would be fulfilled during the time from when they were written, until Messiah returns?

Doesn’t it make more sense that Revelation describes what Messiah’s saints would face during all of the years until Messiah returns?

Let me put it another way. If the futuristic view of prophecy is true, then that means that our Messiah had nothing to say to His Church about the following events which occurred during the last 1,900 years:

Satan using the Roman Empire to kill 10 million saints, in his attempt to wipe out the Early Church.

The fall of the mighty Roman Empire from civil war, disease, famine and financial collapse.

Roman Emperor Constantine and the Roman Bishops creating a new pagan religion of Christianity, the Roman Catechism, in the name of Jesus Christ.

Army after army attacking the great Roman Empire to desolate it, causing the last Roman Emperor to be removed from power in 476 A.D.

The rise of the Popes of Rome to power in the 6th century, who went on to relentlessly burn the Holy Scriptures and kill the saints during the Dark Ages and the Inquisition, during which over 50 million saints were killed.

The Popes of Rome proclaiming blasphemous things, such as they are God, that they forgive sins, that they control the whole world, and condemning saints as heretics.

The translation of the Scriptures into English, German, and other languages, after it had been hidden for so long in Latin by the Papal Church. And the advent of the printing press, which caused Bibles to spread around the world.

Martin Luther, a Catholic Monk, being led to read the Bible to see that the Papal Church was a false Church, a Harlot Church. He responded by posting his 95 Thesis, which sparked the Protestant Reformation, causing millions of people to be saved by faith, come out of the Catholic Church and form the Protestant Churches.

The rise of the Jesuit Order, which the Roman Catholic Church empowered, to counter the Reformation, to bring the Protestants back under their power.

The Spanish Inquisition and wholesale slaughter of the saints in France, by order of the Pope of Rome.

The French Revolution and Napoleonic Wars, which killed many Catholics, in countries which had previously killed the saints.

The time of the Great Awakening when missionaries traveled around the world spreading the Good News.

The Futuristic view tells you that Messiah had nothing to say to His Church which endured all of those things.

The Futuristic view tells you that Messiah had nothing to say to the 10 million who died at the hands of the Roman Empire, and nothing to say to the 50 million plus who died at the hands of the Roman Catholic Church.

I promise you that our Messiah did in fact speak of all of those things in the book of Revelation, not by name of course, but the events and the people groups were all described in clear detail, and history proves the fulfillment.

So my friend, you’re going to have to pray for discernment, because your programming, the things that you’ve been taught about the seals, the trumpets and the bowls… are going to interfere with your ability to understand what the Bible is really telling us.

I’m not asking you to be empty-minded, but you will need to be open-minded.
Seek to pursue truth, instead of defending what you’ve been led to believe.

The enemy has worked hard to deceive the end times Church, because the culmination of all that he has worked for to push the world into a New World Order, takes place in the last few years.

By causing you to look to a future fulfillment of prophecy, he has caused you to not understand who the enemy of Christ and His Church really are.

Many Christians haven’t studied the scriptures to validate the meaning of prophecies,
so they have blindly trusted what Pastors have told them.

Friend, you’re going to stand before your Messiah some day and be accountable for knowing the true fulfillment.  Saying that your Pastors told you is not going to cut it.

The historic fulfillment of Messiah’s Revelation reveals the battle between Satan and his followers, warring against Messiah and His followers.

Right now, the enemy is prevailing, because most believers don’t even know who the real enemy is.

And most believers think that they will be raptured before the supposed 7-year tribulation period, so most don’t care.

This explains why Messiah called our Laodicean Church era, lukewarm, wretched, miserable, blind, naked and poor. 🙁

The enemy has infiltrated seminaries and caused them to teach a futuristic fulfillment of Revelation. This has blinded believers from seeing who Satan has empowered to war against them, so they are unable to fight back with the rod of iron, the Word of God.

Friend, are you ready to learn the truth?

If so, click here to view: The Deceiver’s End-Times Plan For Christians

Father, I pray that you wake the church up from her slumber, and that you anoint each visitor with eye salve to help them see the truth. I pray this for your honor and your glory. Amen!

David Nikao

Here’s a graphic that you can copy and use on social media sites, to share this website with others, so that they learn the truth.

Revelation Timeline Decoded




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Sherry E. December 28, 2016 at 5:07 am

Wow! Whoever posted the Nostradomas needs a King James Bible. Isn’t it sad that people are actually falling for all the false prophets, because all the answers are right in the Bible. I suppose they are too lazy to read, or they are easily fooled. I never realised the vast amount of people who do not know their Bible. It makes my heart hurt that something that is so readily available is just ignored. There were millions in the Dark Ages that would have loved to have one book of the Bible to read. It shows how ungrateful and spoiled this generation that won’t even pick up their Bible and read the letters and instruction that our gracious and Holy Creator left for our salvation. BLOWS MY MIND! I love my Bible. I read my Bible constantly, and cannot get enough. I try and warn others, but most just blow me off. Such an ungrateful and narssisistic people. I do thank you, for your unselfish and altruistic nature, I only wish there were more like you, Mr. Nikao.


David December 28, 2016 at 3:50 pm

Thank you for your comment Sherry! Yeah, it’s hard to watch Christians share false prophecy explanations that they learned from their Pastors. The ‘Little Book’, the printed Bible, is a blessing indeed. Most people reject my teachings about prophecy, because they are so counter to their programming. But I write for people like you, who are seeking truth. So keep sharing the truth Sherry, for you never know who is hearing it. Blessings to you! David


Darlene January 13, 2017 at 11:06 pm

David, I am just finding your site while doing a search on whether Jesus fulfilled the first 31/2 of the 70th week. I was raised Baptist, have studied my Scofield bible for 40 years, but am not a pre trib believer. I am also an avid prophecy student and much has not seemed to add up right to me in the last few years, so finding your site has been a blessing to me. I will continue to read all of the info here and thank you for your meticulous study. Darlene


David January 14, 2017 at 3:26 am

Thank you for your comment Darlene! That is awesome that you are pursuing truth, as we’ve all been misled in Baptist and other Protestant churches; about prophecy fulfillment.

The 70th week of Daniel was fulfilled on time, after the 69th week; when Messiah and His disciples confirmed with the Jews that He is the promised Messiah who ratified the everlasting covenant with His blood, as the Passover Lamb.

So yes, Messiah did fulfill the first half of the 70th week. Messiah told His disciples to only preach to the Jews, and that they did for the next 3 1/2 years.

The seven years ended after the Jewish leaders stoned Stephen to death, marking their final rejection of their promised Messiah.

Then the book of Acts clearly shows a dramatic shift, as the Gospel was also preached to the Gentile nations.

Here is a study series which proves it out with Scripture.

Reply March 19, 2017 at 11:28 pm

Great article. Thank you for your time in helping me learn on the matter.


Lucas Hipólito July 1, 2017 at 4:56 pm

It is all wrong. Antichrist comes from Assyria, wich is Iraq nowadays, the for horses are white (false peace), red (war), black (famine) and GREEN (from the Greek ‘chrolos’ tranlated as ‘pale’, but actually means ‘green’) wich is Death/Hell and the Antichrist himself. The Great Tribulation is a period of 7 years (wich is the last week of Daniel) and the whole apocalypse book is concerning only these times (the End Times) the seals and trumpets all happen during the same time, being the trumpets a zoom in what is happening on each seal. And both the seventh trumpet and sixth seal are the same event, wich is the coming of christ, the rapture and the judgment of Babylon (wich is Islam, most islamic countries have a flag with the colours: White, Red, Black and Green – including Iraq – the same colours of the four horses)
Apocalypse 11 explains with more details what happens during the time of the Seals and Trumpets and puts the two witnessess (Ephraim and Judah) during 1260 days (both 3,5 years and 42 months, the middle of the Last Week – The Great Tribulation)
Apocalypse 12 explains more apocalypse 11 and apocalypse 13 explains with detail apocalypse 12 and so on until apocalypse 19, ALL concerning the last week, The Great Tribulation.

No adventist teaches or knows the Bible and it’s prophecies as they really are. You have been deceived this whole time.


David July 1, 2017 at 5:41 pm

Please tell me Lucas, where are your verse by verse explanations of Revelation; which prove what you claim?

As for the supposed future 7-year tribulation period, that is a false narrative from the enemy. The 70th week of Daniel was fulfilled on time, after the 69th week (go figure), from 27-34 A.D.; when Messiah and His disciples confirmed with the Jews that He is the promised Messiah who ratified the everlasting covenant with His blood, as the Passover Lamb.

The seven years ended after the Jewish leaders stoned Stephen to death, marking their final rejection of their promised Messiah. Then the book of Acts clearly shows a dramatic shift, as the Gospel was also preached to the Gentile nations.


Einar Nilsen August 21, 2017 at 11:55 am

Hi David, I fully agree with you. I am busy reading David Chiltons book “The days of Vengeance. I believe that the 70 years of Daniel points right to the cross.
I believe that the so called Great Tribulation were fulfilled in about 70 AD when the Jews were killed in Jerusalem. This tribulation were 42 months long. 1260 days right to the day.

I believe that people are interpreting Math: 24 wrong. Jesus spoke to His Apostles as well as the Pharisees, telling them that these things WILL happen before “THIS GENERATION” came to pass.

The Jews killed the prophets and they were about to kill Jesus also. They took the curse upon themselves when they told Pilot that they accept the blood of Jesus death on themselves as well as their children.


David August 21, 2017 at 1:13 pm

Thank you for your comment Einar! The challenge is that people lump together the prophecies that speak of ‘great tribulation’, but they are different.

The great tribulation of the Olivet Discourse in Matthew 24 took place from 66-70 A.D., when the temple, city, and 1.1 million Jews were desolated. Here is a study on the time of Jacob’s Trouble

The great tribulation of Revelation 13 took place during the 1,260 year reign of the Popes of Rome, from 538-1798 A.D., in which 1.1 million saints were killed.

Sadly, most people assign both of those events to the future, instead of seeing the historical fulfillment.


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