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121 thoughts on “Contact David Nikao Wilcoxson”

  1. First, I would like to thank you for your hard work in making the Bible more in-depth and widely understandable.

    Let me briefly ask you two questions.

    1. According to your opinion, if everything in the Book of Revelation (seven seals, seven trumpets, seven bowls…) is not something that will happen in the future, but was already accomplished a long time ago, then the Book of Revelation is important for us who live today. I suddenly start to question what it means to me.
    Of course, the Old Testament prophecies for the Messiah were all fulfilled with the appearance and death of Christ, but I thought that the Book of Revelation written by John was a word that awakens the awareness of our faith for the time when Jesus comes again. According to your opinion, , If all the contents of the Book of Revelation were already fulfilled during the Roman era, I am truly curious about what the meaning of ‘Revelation’ is, or what the Book of Revelation means to us.

    2. It is not difficult to see that Catholicism is at the center of apostasy, but in your opinion, comparing all the Bible to Catholicism makes me feel like you have some kind of paranoia about Catholicism.

    I hope my question wasn’t rude, and I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

    In the Lord.
    Waiting for resurrection…

    • Thank you Jin! I don’t teach that all of the sixth vial or the seventh vial have been fulfilled yet. We’re in the midst of the sixth vial, so the previous vials were not fulfilled a long time ago.

      As the seals, trumpets and vials have been in the process of being fulfilled during the last 1,900 years, Messiah’s saints could look to see what had been fulfilled before their time, to know where they were at on the fulfillment timeline.

      For us, it means that only a few prophecies remain to be fulfilled before Messiah returns.

      Exposing how the popes and the Roman Catholic Church fulfills Bible prophecy doesn’t mean that I’m paranoid about them. I’m simply explaining prophecy and I pray that the explanations helps Catholics see the truth so that they are saved by faith in Messiah’s atoning work alone.

      Keep learning and growing in The Way of Messiah!

      • Your answer contradicts your post.
        You have already finished writing about the seven seals, trumpets, and bowls.
        What you mean by that is that you have made it clear through your writings that all those events have already come true.

        The fact that John’s Revelation is ‘something that will come soon’ does not just mean that it will take place during John’s lifetime or within a few hundred years after his death. Jesus also said, ‘I come quickly,’ but 2,000 years later, he still has not come. Therefore, it would be going too far to say that the Book of Revelation was fully fulfilled in the 1900s.

        The reason I ask this question is that, as a pastor and Bible teacher, while browsing the Internet to get a broader opinion on the seven churches, I came across an article by an Asian theologian, who said the same thing as you. I was developing a theory.
        I don’t know whether he learned it from you or you learned it from him, but in all the interpretations of the prophecies of Daniel and the Book of Revelation, I have never seen anyone speak of anything other than Catholic. That’s why I used the term ‘paranoia’ even though I knew it was rude to you.

        ‘Revelation’ means a prophecy about something that will happen in the future.
        If what you and the Asian theologian say is true, John’s Revelation no longer has any meaning as a revelation. Because everything has already been done. Therefore, it is no longer a word worthy of our attention.

        Your understanding of the Book of Revelation is just another theory, a text that cannot be taught to ordinary believers who want to know the Bible.

        Again, my comments are in no way meant to disparage you. I’m just saying that your theory is too narrow-minded.

        As I learned more about the theories of Asian theologians, I came across his background. He was a member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Are you also a member of the same denomination?
        In your article, you said that you did not go to seminary school and did not belong to a denomination. Of course, it is not important whether you went to seminary or not. The problem is that it is important to understand the overall details of the Bible, but you only wrote about Daniel’s prophecy and John’s Revelation.
        So I think it may be biased toward one side.

        I have been a pastor for decades and am still teaching the Bible. I dare say that I am a person who has received the gift of the Word from God, and to some extent, I am a person who can distinguish between good and bad about the Bible.
        I recommend that you take a holistic view of the other 66 books of the Bible in general.

        There has been no reply yet to my comment about the ‘Seven Trumpets’.

        For resurrection…

        • There’s no contradiction in my answer, just misunderstanding on your part, based on your view of prophecy.

          I’ve repeatedly said that not all of the vials have been fulfilled, but you keep misrepresenting what I teach.
          Here’s a one-page summary that shows that there’s still prophecies to be fulfilled before Messiah returns.

          Revelation it totally relevant to us today, as seeing how most of it has been fulfilled in exacting detail during the last 1,900 years, gives us tangible evidence of our faith, it validates the authority of the Bible and the deity of Messiah, and it helps us see that we’re in the sixth vial and that Messiah’s return is not far off.

          My explanations are easy to understand for people with eyes to see. Your beliefs prevent you from seeing the historicist narrative of prophecy fulfillment.

          I am not an SDA. I am a historicist like many theologians have been during the last 1,900 years. I list some of them on this page:

          You make many false associations because your mind is biased with the futuristic narrative of prophecy fulfillment.

          You’ve been a pastor for decades, yet sadly you can’t see the truth of prophecy fulfillment.

          I recommend that you watch all of the videos in the Revelation Timeline Decoded video series, for the Spirit is giving you opportunity to learn the truth and you will be held accountable for teaching false narratives.

          I replied to your comment about the seven trumpets. I give a summary on this page:

          Do you believe that the 70th week of Daniel 9 is about Messiah or the antichrist? If you say the antichrist, then you should listen to The 70th week of Daniel 9 Decoded Overview video.

          • You’re lying again. So what is this article about?

            About Vial:
            The first vial was poured out when the Jesuits caused the foul and loathsome sore of atheism to spread across France. The French Protestants had been killed, so the Catholic religion was all that was left. Elohim allowed the abomination of atheism to turn the French people away from the Papal Church.

            The second vial was poured out as the Jesuits incited the French people to revolt against the Catholic Church leaders and France’s leaders, and their heads rolled. During the French Revolution 250,000 were killed in the very places that the French Protestants had been killed. Water symbolically represents people. In this case, it represents the French people in the large cities being killed.

            The third vial was poured out as the bloody French Revolution spread out from the major cities (seas) to the more rural areas (rivers and springs, smaller groups of people) where they had shed the blood of saints and prophets, and now it was time for them to drink the same fate.

            The fourth vial was poured out as the Jesuits caused the bloody Napoleonic wars with countries that had previously banned them, so they were getting their revenge. The ‘sun’ represents the mighty military leader Napoleon, who within the space of eight years, scorched every kingdom in Europe, from Naples to Berlin, and from Lisbon to Moscow. Elohim used it to exact revenge against the countries that had shed the blood of His followers. But the leaders of the countries did not repent, they blasphemed Elohim for His punishment.

            The fifth vial was poured out on the ‘seat of the beast,’ as the office of the Papacy lost their power in 1798 AD. Shortly after the French Revolution, the Papal States were invaded by French forces, and they removed Pope Pius VI, who died in exile in Valence (France) in 1799. Their 1,260-year reign was ended by the hand of Elohim, but they repented not. They blasphemed Elohim because of the pains and sores of losing their authority.

            The sixth vial was poured out to dry up the Ottoman Empire, the people (river) of the Euphrates who had been released during the 6th Trumpet. During the 18th and 19th centuries, they lost control of the Middle East, including Palestine to General Allenby of Great Britain in 1917 AD.

            About trumpets:
            1st Trumpet – Hail can point to war in Bible symbolism, and Elohim caused the Goths, who were led by Alaric, to move in the direction in which literal hail came (north to south). They attacked the Roman Empire from 400-410 AD, in Greece, Gaul and Spain. Then 300,000 Goths invaded Italy. The fire represents the ‘scorched earth’ policy in their invasions of enemy territory.

            2nd Trumpet – A mountain in Biblical symbolism represents a great nation and a sea is a large group of people. It represents Elohim sending the Vandals, led by Genseric, to attack the coast-lands of the Roman territory of the Mediterranean and all the islands from 425-470 AD, leaving bloodshed and confusion in their wake.

            3rd Trumpet – A star in prophecy symbolizes a leader. Elohim sent this great burning star, Attila the king of the Huns, who was called “the scourge of God.” Attila and his 800,000 man army rose quickly and flashed across the land in 451 AD, and desolated the Italian Alps, which is the source of the Danube, Rhine and Po rivers. The dead bodies in the rivers made the water ‘bitter’ (wormwood).

            4th Trumpet – The sun, moon and stars, can symbolize leadership structure. Here it represents Elohim using Odoacer and the Heruli, a branch of the Goths, to cause the downfall of Roman leadership when Romulus Augustalus, the last Western Roman Emperor (the sun) of the West was captured in 476 AD. The hierarchy of Roman leaders (moon and stars) would have lost power too.

            When the Western Roman Emperor was removed, the Empire split into ten civil kingdoms. This paved the way for the Popes of Rome to rise to power, which fulfilled three prophecies.

            Daniel told us in Daniel 7 that the Little Horn would rise up among the ten horns and that he would pluck out three of the horns. This was fulfilled when the Pope eliminated three of the ten Roman kingdoms (the Heruli, Vandals and Ostrogoths), because they would not bow down to his authority.

            Paul told us in 2 Thessalonians 2:7 that “He who now restrains will do so until He is taken out of the way.” Paul was talking about the Roman Emperor, but if he had written that, it would have invited severe persecution on the saints. With the Western Roman Emperor removed from power in the 4th Trumpet, the son of perdition Popes were able to take power. The Popes proclaim to lead Messiah’s church, so they ‘sit in the temple.’ They have proclaimed to be God and to forgive sins, which is blasphemy.

            John foretold that the Popes of Rome would rise to power out of the ‘sea’ of people, among the ten civil kingdoms. They received civil and ecclesiastic authority in 538 AD, and reigned in power as the antichrist beast of Revelation 13, for 1,260 years, until 1798 AD.

            Note: In Revelation, John does not use the word ‘antichrist,’ rather he uses the word ‘beast’ to point to the primary enemy of Messiah, which the saints have historically called the antichrist. Read Prophecy Points To The Leader Of The Roman Beast Study

            Judgment continued to be poured out on the vast Roman Empire, which was full of apostate Christians who believe in salvation of works through their sacraments, and that Mary is the intercessor to the Father.

            The 5th Trumpet represents Elohim using the Arabian (Mohammedan) army against the Roman Empire from 632-782 AD, which is 150 years (5 months x 30 days = 150 days). They wore turbans (crowns of gold); they had beards (faces of men, as the Roman shaved); they had long hair like women; they wore chain-mail (breast-plates of iron); and they were fierce (teeth of lions). The ‘falling star’ was Mohammed, the ‘smoke’ out of Satan’s bottomless pit is the false religion of Islam, which hides the Gospel from Arabs eyes.

            The 6th Trumpet represents Elohim releasing the Turks to cross over the Euphrates River to conquer 1/3rd of the Roman Empire for 391 years (prepared for the hour and day and month and year, 1 + 30 + 360 = 391) from 1062-1453 AD. They used gunpowder muskets, so ‘fire, smoke and brimstone’ appeared at their horses mouths. They used large cannons, some with the faces of lions on them, to knock down the thick protective walls of Constantinople.

            Are you trying to say that the sixth judgment has been fulfilled, but the seventh trumpet and bowl have not yet been fulfilled?
            Or are you saying you don’t understand yet?

            You can’t actually answer the question I asked, and you’re forcing me to understand only your theory. There are many articles of knowledge in the world, not just yours.
            I may understand the Bible myself, I read many articles about the Bible, and you are just one of them. I certainly find your article helpful, but I don’t agree that it’s perfect.
            So, I want to check this and that.
            If, as you say, my thoughts are fixed on a certain theory, why would I read your writing? I teach the stereotypes I have. My reading of your writings is evidence of your effort and passion to teach a more correct Bible. Let us not misunderstand.

            It seems like you have a sense of entitlement to those who criticize you for not having studied at any other educational institution, such as a seminary, as you say.
            So you’re putting forth your own theories (actually, a lot of them are taken from people) to emphasize that you’re smart even though you didn’t go to school.

            Put yourself down and look far away.
            I believe in God more than you believe in God.
            Judging your faith because it is better is an extremely arrogant act. Take a look inside yourself. How arrogant you are right now.

            Proverbs 16:18
            “Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.”

          • On the study, I show that we’re in the midst of the sixth vial. Not all of the sixth vial has been fulfilled. And the seventh vial has not been fulfilled. So I did not lie as I don’t teach that all of Revelation has been fulfilled.

            It’s ironic that you accuse me of pride and arrogance, because that’s how you’re coming across.

  2. Hey there

    I’m sorry if my message wasn’t clear–I meant “non-biased” as in Truthful. I’ve heard of others using the catholic encyclopedia, however I’m not sure if it is skewed to favor a false light on the papacy. Your book has been extremely helpful, we are keeping you in our prayers


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