The Temple in Jerusalem will be Rebuilt! Video

This Revelation Timeline Decoded Bible article focuses on a video called ‘The Temple in Jerusalem will be Rebuilt!’

The video description says:

Today! Prophetic history was made. Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu mentions three times how Israel built a temple. Now the final puzzle piece must be put in place before the man of sin comes on the scene and eventually fulfill prophecy THE ABOMINATION of DESOLATION in Matthew 24.

Prophecy teachers refer to several passages to justify their explanation of a future 3rd temple in Jerusalem.

But the Bible passages that these teachers are citing, have nothing to do with the end times or a third temple in Jerusalem; as they’ve already been fulfilled.

Ironically, the Abomination of Desolation was fulfilled when the Roman army surrounded Jerusalem to desolate the temple, the city, to end the Jewish nation.

But since these deceptions are from the enemy, they create events in Israel to make it seem like they are going to build a 3rd temple, and they very well might.

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  1. Even though I am no longer on facebook, I am still getting your excellent studies ,David.! When I saw the recent News on the internet about the jews inviting nations to their altar dedication of the supposed 3rd temple , I could only think ” What a Mockery ! ” The believers are the Temple !!! We just need to keep watching for WW3 and it feels that we are getting closer .


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