President Trump Using COVID-19 To Take Down Cabal Deception

Revelation Timeline Decoded by David Nikao Wilcoxson - end times prophecy

On 01/14/21, I published my Revelation Timeline Decoded book.

Messiah’s apocalyptic vision is a war manual, that uses symbols and layers to hide the fulfillment. Old Testament symbols point to a literal fulfillment. If you read Revelation only from a literal perspective, the interpretation is hidden. It has four chronological layers, each of which spans from when it was written until Messiah returns.

This book explains the prophecies of Revelation on a timeline to help you see how the four chronological layers interact with each other, so that you can comprehend the whole vision.


This Revelation Timeline Decoded Bible page focuses on the narrative that President Trump is using the COVID-19 event, to use the military to take down the cabal, the deep state.

Many ‘patriots‘ have been misled by a Q-Anon narrative, which proposes that this COVID-19 crisis has been manufactured (or hijacked), in order for President Trump to use the military to take down the cabal, the deep state.

They proclaim that Trump is going to implement NESARA – the National Economic Security and Reformation Act. They say that he will:

  • Abolish the Federal Reserve Bank and IRS, and set up a U.S. Treasury Bank System in alignment with Constitutional law, which is backed by gold, silver and platinum.
  • Forgive credit card, mortgage, and other bank debt, due to illegal banking and government activities.
  • Return to Constitutional law, in courts and legal matters.
  • Cease all aggressive, U.S. government military actions worldwide.
  • Establish peace throughout the world.
  • Initiate worldwide prosperity distribution of vast wealth, which has been accumulating for decades.
  • Release enormous sums of money for humanitarian purposes.
  • Enable the release of new technologies such as alternative energy devices.

That list sounds like what the antichrist beast Pope may offer in the One World Government, to get people to revere and obey him.

You will see below, that the actions of President Trump have only served to empower the cabal, and to enslave humanity.

People are saying that he’s nationalized the Federal Reserve Bank, like JFK attempted.

I’m not real clear on what they think took place on 03/27/20, which nationalized the Federal Reserve Bank.

On 03/27/20, he authorized that the CDC will set up a coronavirus ‘surveillance and data collection system’ as part of the $6.2 trillion stimulus bill, which President Trump just signed into law. Can you say Orwellian nightmare?

On 03/27/20, the White House announced that President Donald Trump has signed an executive order authorizing up to 1 million military reservists be called up to aid in the fight against the coronavirus. That’s helping to put America into a police state!

President Trump will use the $6.2 trillion stimulus bill to send money to the cabal, who own the major banks, pharmaceutical companies, and mega-corporations.

On 03/20/20, it was announced that the Federal Reserve Bank will lend an additional $1 trillion a day to large banks. ONE TRILLION DOLLARS A DAY!!! THAT’S INSANE!!! By comparison, the official U.S. national debt is $23 Trillion, so lending one trillion dollars a day is incomprehensible.

This is part of their final solution, a global takeover. Giving the Federal Reserve Bank unlimited liquidity allows them to create unlimited debt, to enslave humanity. They are dollarizing the world. They will give those dollars to their central banks around the world, to buy assets, so that they control everything.

Every dollar that the Federal Reserve Bank prints out of thin air, makes them that much more powerful!!! Trump is empowering the cabal, the elite bankers who own and control the Federal Reserve Bank

President Trump is pushing 5G, which can be used as a weapon against humanity.

You can find plenty of videos on YouTube which explain the harmful effects of EMF, 5G in particular. Millimeter waves can affect the body’s ability to process oxygen, which can lead to death. We saw this in Wuhan, China; the test city in China for 5G, when people were suddenly collapsing.

On 03/23/20, the first day of the mass lock downs in the US., President Trump and Congress secretly passed the “5G and Beyond Act 2020.”

The evil ones are using the lock down, to install 5G in many cities. But 5G is not just so that people can have faster internet, it gives the evil ones the bandwidth to gather more information on people, to monitor their activities and even their thoughts.

President Trump is pushing vaccines, which are bio-weapons against humanity.

They contain mercury, aluminum, DNA from abnormal cancer-ridden aborted fetus cells, and other toxic materials. He says that “people need to get their shots.”

03/30/20 The Trump administration is giving Johnson & Johnson, $456 million dollars to develop a Coronavirus vaccine.

They may push to limit the movement of people who have not had vaccines, in the name of public safety. The easiest way to enforce that is with an implant which has your vaccine record. This would make people who refuse vaccines, to be unable to buy and sell in their digital financial system.

They want everyone to get vaxxed, which tells you how important it is to get their DNA-altering substances in your body.

Revelation 18:23 says, “for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived.” The Greek word for ‘sorceries‘ is pharmakeia; which means medication (“pharmacy”), i.e. (by extension) magic (literally or figuratively):—sorcery, witchcraft.

People proclaim that Trump is going to overthrown the cabal, the deep state, the secret societies; like JFK attempted.

But that is a false narrative, to cause supposed ‘patriots’ to stand idly by while Trump and the .gov leaders push us into martial law, into an economic collapse, and into an Orwellian nightmare.

Trump is surrounded by people from the cabal. He became rich because of the funding of the cabal. Trump is Jesuit-trained at Fordham University, and he serves his boss in Rome.

People have been misled by a false narrative, so that they do nothing, while the evil ones push us into a police state.

There’s reports of children, sex slaves, being rescued in New York and other places. I hope that it’s true, as child sex trafficking is an evil reality; but all of the stories are from third parties, and may just be a part of the deception, to try to reinforce that Trump is using the COVID-19 event to overthrow the cabal.

Time will tell, as they would have to do something with those children. They can’t just say that they rescued them, and then not have stories of them being returned to their parents.

For more information on the COVID-19 false-flag event, click on The COVID-19 Trojan Horse Is Pushing Us Towards A One World Government

The evil ones are experts are deception, and they could make it seem like Trump is taking down the cabal.

They could make it seem like Bush Jr., the Clintons, Obama, etc., have been arrested, even held in Guantanamo Bay for military tribunals.

They would do that to make Trump seem like he’s overthrowing the cabal, but in reality they would be giving excuse for why Bush Jr., the Clintons, Obama, etc., have disappeared from the public eye, as they are heading to another country or to their bunkers.

Hopefully the Trump administration is being used to take down pedophiles, sex traffickers, criminals against humanity, etc.

But at this point in the game, every major event is a false narrative, until proven otherwise.

Do understand who is at the top of the power pyramid, who controls the world via many front organizations?

People blame the cabal, the deep state, the Jews, the Illuminati, the Bilderberger’s, etc.; and all of those entities are to blame for the mess that we’re in; as they steal, kill and destroy.

But the Bible clearly foretold who controls the world in the end-times. One man controls the world via those front organizations, and many more.

To find out who controls the world in the end times, click on Revelation 13 – Roman Earth Beast

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52 thoughts on “President Trump Using COVID-19 To Take Down Cabal Deception”

  1. I was interested in what you had to say until I read this bizarre statement:

    “They may push to limit the movement of people who have not had vaccines, in the name of public safety. The easiest way to enforce that is with an implant which has your vaccine record. This would make people who refuse vaccines, to be unable to buy and sell in their digital financial system.

    They want everyone to get vaxxed, which tells you how important it is to get their DNA-altering substances in your body.”

    I got my first shot a week ago and I am very grateful for Trump’s push for the vaccine. At this time we are at the very highest rate of deaths and positive virus infected people in the USA since March, 2020. People are dying unnecessarily and your DNA-altering substances does only one thing — it creates a false fear and paranoia in people who are now fearing death because this foolish thought of yours. This only increases the numbers of victims who read this sort of stuff. You, as a professed Christian I assume, should repent of your sins and burn your book before too many people fall for this ridiculous line of fear mongering line of thought!!!

    • Carol, my statement is not bizarre at all, when you know the truth of the agenda of the evil ones. But don’t take my word for it, take Messiah’s proclamation in Revelation 18:23, “for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived.”

      The Strong’s Greek Dictionary word for ‘sorceries’ is 5331 pharmakeia, which means; medication (“pharmacy”), i.e. (by extension) magic (literally or figuratively):—sorcery, witchcraft.

      Messiah is saying that the evil ones deceive the nations with pharmaceuticals. And we look at CV-19 and the nations are getting their vaxx.

      People are dying and having really bad side effects, but your tele-lie-vision is not telling you that.

      I pray that your first shot and second shot doesn’t affect you at all.

      • I have to say…….. I am actually going to agree with David. When I heard Trump’s statement calling for martial law, my life passed before me. It was as though I had a out of body experience. I saw this being a hoax, and Trump was gaining the trust of the people to lead us to hell. The bible is very clear on this. I am trusting God’s word above any person.

      • The evil ones are the Demonrats! What you described is the liberals, not President Trump. Look at how our country is being destroyed by Pelosi and Biden! I don’t know what God you worship, but I worship only one!

          • I pray that believers wake up to the deception of Trump. There are so many who support him because they believe he is going to help or “save” America and it’s sad to watch…

          • Yeah, Trump played his role well and people think that he will come back and save us from the tyranny of Biden. They’re all actors who play for the same team and promote the same basic agenda. It is sad to watch people be deceived by the puppet show.

  2. It is very alarming to me, how easily Christians are deceived . Many of today’s ” Christians ” choose the feel good lie and the easy way out. Trump and the Qanon movement is easily seen for the deception it is. Looking through your website David , it is an amazing resource.
    I came to the truth about Historicism and prophecy about 3 years ago at a Watchmans Cry Prophecy weekend seminar . I realized almost the entire gathering of 600 people were supporting the building of the Jewish Temple and literally worshipping the Jewish ” Chosen People “. My wife and I were so alarmed we cried out to the Lord for the truth of prophecy and I was led down this past of Historicism and the writings of our Church forefathers such as Guiness and Elliot. The only area I see of disagreement is the Globe Earth , but I will look deeper into your research. God Bless Brother

    • Thank you for your comment Sandy! Yeah, it’s sad that so many people just blindly trust their pastors, and don’t search the Scriptures to prove out their explanations.

      That’s awesome that you’ve been shown the truth about the historicist view, as it’s the glory of Messiah! It’s hard to watch people support the rebuilding of a temple in which animal sacrifices would take place.

      I put a picture of Guinness in my Revelation Timeline Decoded book, because he’s the key person who has taught me so much.

      As for the globe earth, you can get a free copy of my The True Doctrine Of The Globe Earth book @

      It shows how the Bible describes an earth that is immovable and a sun that’s moving around the earth in a circuit.

      Also, you can get a free copy of my The False Doctrine Of The Flat Earth book @

      It shows how Bible does not describe a flat earth, and that many of the verses that flat earthers cite have been taken out of their proper context.

      Keep learning and growing in The Way!

  3. I already knew pretty much everything that you stated in this article to be true. But do you know about Trumps ties to the Rothschild family?Do you realize that Christians aren’t the original followers of “Christ”Which is actually called Yahusha.Natsarim were the original followers of Yahusha.Nimrod started the whole Masonic movement around the time of the Tower of Babel.Which was the first Free Mason in the world that’s known of.The pagan religion in a whole. From the child sacrifice to torture.They all learned this through the history of their cult.You have to be a 33 level Masonic to even be chosen to be president. Constantine is the Roman emperor that brought the Natsarim out of hiding from death warrants for being a true believer. He crossed Catholicism with paganism and told the believers of the Messiah that they could worship freely if they called themselves Christians and Worship on Sunday the day of the Sun God.Which is not the Shabbath!Which is one of Yahuah’s greatest commands. The Torah followers and Natsarim that keep the true commands are the Barley harvest in revelation, that have the seal.The only thing that separate them from the wheat harvest are keeping the true commands, which would make Christians the wheat harvest and then you have the grape harvest which is common sense as well. You cannot read the king James version of the Bible and get all of this knowledge. The Bible teaches only what they chose for you to learn. Only read from the Cepher.I grew up in a pentecostal church with a king James bible,Bible, happy the father opened my eyes and continues to do so daily.
    If you read the original text you will see that the earth is not flat or round but more like a footstool. This is in the text around 50 times as well as the so called lost books of the Bible, which aren’t lost at all.So if you want to go off scripture alone it is proven there that we aren’t flat or completely rounded. Not trying to debate it,just simply going off scripture. Besides that I think your article is informative for folks that don’t have a clue. Now for Carol Preston that is believing everything she hears about covid,i fear for folks like her because she is being tormented by Hasatan by his fear techniques and will follow the so called leaders.Very sad,but anyhow, I felt led to talk a little about the things that are scripture based that I hope you already know ,stay blessed.

  4. Oh, and Biden and the democrats are pushing for one world government! Already going against Israel. We are losing our freedom day by day thanks to Jezabel Pelosi and Biden’s cult!

  5. Hi David,

    Been Playing catch up on your site and reading much of the material that is available. Most of the things that you address, the Lord has guided me to the truth. As the gentleman that has commented on this teaching, I was Brought up Pentecostal myself, and I have been studying scripture for a while. However, to allow Yeshua to fully teach, I had to put aside the things I was taught and I though I knew, to learn the truth.

    Let me say, there are a few things that you have mentioned, that I will have to search out on my own. However, everything about the order of the evil ones, I have known for a while, prior to even studying scripture daily.

    I know that you mention Jesuits. However, I want to bring something up to you, and maybe you research more in detail, if the Holy Spirit leads you to do so. I was studying the book of Ezekiel and I always go back and forth between scriptures cross walking everything in. I came across a passage regarding “Where Satan Seat is.” So as the Holy Spirit leads, normally something just jumps out, so I went back to study the the Church of Pergamos/Pergamum. I started to do a little digging, and while the seat of satan was in ancient Pergamum, it led me to a different path. Pergamum, was changed to Constantinople, then to throw people off the trail, is now Istanbul.

    I kept digging and found that Istanbul has mosque’s and a Catholic Church. There is where the order of Jesuits reside other than Rome. They maintain a strong presence in the Islamic community. I know that you have mentioned in one of your articles that satan seats in Rome. Wonder if Satans throne never left Turkey/Constantinople/Istanbul?

    You mentioned Many moving parts: Pharma, banking, economics etc. That Rome, Papacy, Black Pope and Jesuits have their hand in everything correct? Why are there so many conferences taking place in Istanbul, Turkey Asia’s gateway to Europe? Finace, Business and Banking conferences, intelligence and safety, health and medicine etc?

    There has been a strong presence in Istanbul by the Bilderberg group, Rothschilds with an investment bank, Aspen Institute etc. There is a deeper connection here, and. the Holy Spirit would have not made me take notice, unless it was important.

    Moving to the COVID, it has set the stage for something far more sinister that what people understand. I have felt a spiritual shift with the onset. I do agree there are things that is far beyond one’s understanding, if we do not set beliefs and opinions aside. We can not learn or see anything different if we do not do this, or be in constant prayer and fasting, and knee deep in the word of God.

    Many people have a firm stance on politics etc, not considering that attachment to the world blinds from truth, to where the simplest explanation that is setting right in front of you, can go unnoticed. Many people fail to see the symbolism and understand that the world lies, and truth is in the living breathing word of YwH.

    I am surprised that with all the posting of your material that the enemy has not tried to target you. I know when I start searching out truth, I am targeted.

    Lastly, I would not seek any understanding within the apocrypha books, because you can be ensnared by the enemy. I tried reading one, and the Holy Spirit led me to put the book down, never to pick it up again and had no desire to do so.

    • Thank you for your comment! That’s awesome that the Spirit has been showing you the same things.

      The archaeological evidence shows that Pergamum was in modern-day Turkey; not in the eastern Roman Empire where Constantinople and Istanbul exist.

      The iron of Rome and the clay of Islam are connected, as was foretold in Daniel 2. They’ve been used by Satan to mislead people with false religions and to kill many saints, and we see that still in play today.

      I think that when people expose worldly deceptions, then they get targeted. I think that with exposing spiritual, prophecy deceptions comes protection.

      Yeah, I’ve read some of the apocrypha books. 1 Esdras is an extension of the book of Ezra, and it rings true to me. But the other ones that I’ve read have not set well with me. The book of Enoch is really contrary to my spirit.

      Keep learning and growing in The Way!


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