Leeland Jones 5 Biblical Proofs 7 Year Tribulation Video

This Revelation Timeline Decoded post reviews a video by Leeland Jones, called 5 Biblical Proofs we are in the 7 Year Tribulation.

Leeland Jones proclaims that the establishment of the state of Israel has to be the fulfillment of Scripture, it has to be the word of God.

I agree with him, but it’s not in a good way. Messiah pointed to Jews who says they are Jews, but are not, and are of the Synagogue of Satan. I cover how the Jews in Israel fulfill prophecy in several ways in my new Revelation Timeline Decoded book.

Leeland Jones is applying the 70 weeks of Daniel 9 prophecy to the end times and Israel. He says that the seventy weeks point to seventy years.

That’s wrong, as it points to seventy seven-year cycles, so 490 years. It’s not about the end times, but about Messiah appearing in the 70th week of Daniel to carry out His ministry and die for our sins as the Spotless Lamb. The seventy weeks of Daniel 9 started in 457 BC with the command of King Artaxerxes, which puts the 70th week of Daniel from 27-34 AD, which is the time that we know that Messiah died and rose again.

The 70th week of Daniel is not about the end-times or the antichrist, it is about Messiah’s first advent. 

The 70th week of Daniel 9 prophecy foretold when Messiah would appear to carry out His ministry, and when (in the middle of the 70th week) He would confirm the everlasting covenant (that was mentioned in Daniel 9:4) with His blood as the Passover Lamb, to atone for our sins. It’s not about the end times or the antichrist.

I wrote The 70th Week Of Daniel 9 Decoded book to prove out the glorious fulfillment by Messiah, and expose the deception of the enemy. It’s the one Bible prophecy that pointed to the exact time when Messiah would carry out His ministry and die for our sins, which is why the enemy seeks to hide the truth.


Leeland Jones points to the abomination of desolation taking place in the middle of the seven years.

That’s wrong as Messiah proclaimed that all of the things that He described in His Olivet Discourse took place in that generation of Jews who rejected Him and delivered Him up to be killed.

The context of the ‘abomination of desolation‘ is Messiah declaring judgment on the Jewish leaders and the ‘desolation’ of the second temple; which took place in 70 A.D. It says when you see the abomination of desolation, then flee Judea, so it’s a sign that people in Judea saw. It’s not about the end times.

Luke 21:20-21 tells us what it was, an army surrounding Holy Jerusalem, which Josephus documented as taking place in November of 66 AD, when Cestius and his army came to Jerusalem to end the Jewish rebellion. Messiah’s saints in Judea saw the sign, and knew that they needed to take the first opportunity to flee to the mountains of Pella for safety.

That opportunity came when Cestius and his army left Jerusalem for no explained reason. Messiah’s saints urgently left Jerusalem like Messiah told them to, but the Jews stayed. Then three strong divisions of the Roman army were sent to Judea, which led to 1.1 million Jews dying in and around Jerusalem from famine, pestilence, infighting, suicide, crucifixion and by the Roman sword.


Leeland Jones points to the seals opening in 2015. He says that the book of Esther points to seven good years, seven bad years; and that started in 2010. He points to the Revelation seals opening in 2015.

That’s wrong, as the seal judgments caused the decline of the Western Roman Empire from civil war, excessive taxation, famine and pestilence.

He’s pointing to Donald Trump being the son of perdition of 2 Thessalonians 2 and the antichrist of Revelation, as Trump said that he’s ‘the chosen one.’

That’s wrong, as the office of the papacy, the Popes of Rome, fulfill Bible prophecy as the ‘little horn‘ of Daniel 7, the ‘son of perdition‘ of 2 Thessalonians 2, and the ‘antichrist beast‘ of Revelation 13, who leads the ‘harlot‘ church of Rome.

Leeland Jones explanations about prophecy fulfillment are based on false associations.

Then he proclaimed that “if you’re not understanding his explanations, then the problem is not the information that he’s sharing, the problem is you.”

He said, “I’m not making this stuff up, this is what the Bible says.”

Leeland Jones says that “he’s called by God to show us this information.”

His explanations can’t be from God, because they’re wrong. He seems very sincere, but he also comes across as arrogant. I don’t say these this because I wish to cast judgment on him, but because what he is declaring is not lining up with Scripture. And when someone proclaims that they are speaking for God, and their explanations are wrong, then they need to be exposed, lest people be misled.

Revelation Timeline Decoded by David Nikao Wilcoxson - Revelation Bible Study Guide

Messiah’s apocalyptic vision is a war manual, designed to hide the explanation from those who should not understand it. It uses symbolic words that are defined in the Old Testament to point to a literal fulfillment. If you read Revelation only from a literal perspective, the interpretation is hidden.

Understanding the vision is like taking a Biblical final exam. If you’ve read the whole Word, you will have seen the symbolism that Messiah uses and can apply it to the fulfillment.

If you read Revelation as one chronological narrative, the prophecies seem out of sequence. That’s because it has four chronological layers, each of which spans from when it was written until Messiah returns.

This book explains the prophecies of Revelation on a timeline to help you see how the four chronological layers interact with each other, so that you can comprehend the whole vision.

You will learn how to identify who fulfills the role of the son of perdition, the antichrist beast, the false prophet, and the harlot called ‘Mystery, Babylon the Great.’ You will understand the proper context of the seal, trumpet, and bowl judgments; the little book of Revelation 10, and the two witnesses of Revelation 11.

Whether you’re a novice at Bible prophecy or someone who has studied it extensively, I provide an explanation that is easy to understand yet has the depth of verse by verse explanations to provide you the evidence you need to prove it out.


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5 thoughts on “Leeland Jones 5 Biblical Proofs 7 Year Tribulation Video”

  1. Hi Leeland,
    I found your videos while searching and praying for some guidance. I felt like I was lost for a long time and my soul just couldn’t settle so thank you for your information and for passing it on to others. I pray with you for the rest of the world.

    • Hi Anzhelika, I appreciate your praying for guidance. And that led you here to this page that shows how what Leeland is teaching about prophecy fulfillment is misguided. He teaches the false, futuristic explanations. There’s links the books on this page which will guide you through the historical fulfillment. I pray that this connection guides you to the truth that you seek. David

      • Woe to you.
        I bet you voted for Trump?
        You obviously wouldn’t know how to interpret prophecy if it was a circle.
        These deep and hidden things belong to the servants of God. Not for ANY private interpretation either. Not only did you explain through your flesh but you did not even provide witnesses to your claims. It is very important the study to show ourselves approved. You need to come out of Babylon, repent of your man’s interpretations. They are foolishness! Acts 17:30

        • Wow, lots of venom coming out of your mouth Deanna! To make it worse, it’s out of an ignorant mindset.

          I’ll bet that you didn’t even read my explanations.

          I prove out the deception of a futuristic 70th week of Daniel 9.

          I prove out the historical fulfillment of the Olivet Discourse.

          And I prove out the historical fulfillment of most of Revelation during the last 1900 years.

          Woe unto you for not understanding these things, for they prove out the authority of the Bible and the deity of Messiah, which is why the enemy has worked so hard to hide the truth. But you follow blind guides who are leading you astray!

          As for voting for Trump, the whole system is rigged. Trump, Biden, Obama, etc. are all puppets who serve their master in Rome.


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