Klaus Schwab Gavin Newsome Misdirection Meme

This Revelation Timeline Decoded post is about a meme that I saw on Facebook featuring Klaus Schwab and Gavin Newsome.

This meme employs classic misdirection. The General in Rome uses front organizations and world leaders to hide his power and authority. Today, one of the key people is Klaus Schwab.

Klaus Schaub Gavin Newsome

The meme points to Klaus Schwab as the key player who is leading the cv vx great reset agenda, who uses leaders like Gavin to carry it out.

Klaus is an evil man to be sure, but the earth beast of Revelation 13 is describing the false prophet Jesuit Superior General as the leader of the Roman beast kingdom which controls the world.

So it’s no surprise to see that Gavin was educated at Jesuit Santa Clara University.

Gavin and Klaus serve the General in Rome.

All roads lead to Rome and all the world is a stage.

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