Joel Richardson FAI STUDIOS – The Rapture and Great Tribulation in 4 Ezra and 1 Enoch

This Revelation Timeline Decoded post reviews a video by Joel Richardson of FAI STUDIOS, called ‘The Rapture and Great Tribulation in 4 Ezra and 1 Enoch // THE RAPTURE & ENDURANCE OF THE SAINTS’

Video description: Rapture and the Endurance of the Saints Episode 24: The Rapture and Great Tribulation in 4 Ezra and 1 Enoch

Before I begin my review of Joel Richardson’s explanations, let me declare that I do these type of reviews, not just to expose false teachers; but to show what they teach, which you may have also been taught, so that you can see the truth and the deception.

These reviews serve as an open rebuttal of their explanations. It’s not about me, it’s about the truth of prophecy fulfillment which reveals the glory of our beloved Messiah!

The prophecy fulfillment explanations of Joel Richardson and Dalton Thomas are based on the concept of a futuristic 70th week of Daniel 9.

Joel Richardson FAI STUDIOS – The Rapture and Great Tribulation in 4 Ezra and 1 Enoch

Any teacher who is basing their explanation of Revelation on the concept of a future 70th week of Daniel 9, the 7-year tribulation period, is misleading you. The false concept of a 7-year tribulation period is based on the 70-weeks of Daniel 9 prophecy.

The prophecy foretold when Messiah would appear to carry out His ministry, and when (in the middle of the 70th week) He would confirm the (everlasting) covenant (that was mentioned in Daniel 9:4) with His blood as the Passover Lamb, to atone for our sins. It’s not about the end times or the antichrist.

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Joel Richardson of FAI Studios points to future two witnesses.

The two witnesses are the Scriptures and the saints who testified against the antichrist beast popes of Rome during their 1,260 year reign of power from 538-1798 AD.

Messiah said that the Scriptures testify about Him and that His disciples are His witnesses. The popes banned and burned the Scriptures and caused tens of millions of Messiah’s saints to be killed during the Dark Ages and the Inquisition.

The popes were so relentless, that in May 1514 AD, they proclaimed that all of Christendom was under their authority, and that there were no witnesses left against them. And they celebrated with great feasts.

Then 3 1/2 years later, on October 31, 1517, Martin Luther posted his 95 Thesis which sparked the Protestant Reformation and brought the saints back to life.

With the timely advent of the printing press, the ‘little book’ of Revelation 10, the printed Bible, was spread around the world.

The Reformers proclaimed the Gospel and millions of Catholics were redeemed for the kingdom. Then worldwide missions and Bible Societies proclaimed the Gospel around the world.

Read Revelation 11 – The Two Witnesses

Joel Richardson of FAI Studios says Jerusalem will be trampled down for 42 months.

The Jerusalem that’s being trampled down is not the city in the Middle East, but Messiah’s Ekklesia of saints, His Church, which John calls Holy Jerusalem.

The antichrist beast popes of Rome have already made war with Messiah’s saints during the Dark Ages and Inquisition, when tens of millions were tortured and killed.

Read 1,260 Years Of Great Tribulation

Read Historical Witnesses Against Antichrist

Joel Richardson of FAI Studios says that a rapture seven years before the day of judgment is not Scriptural.

He is correct, but his whole narrative is off-target as it’s based on the concept of a futuristic 70th week of Daniel 9.

The covenant of Daniel 9:27 was confirmed by Messiah the Spotless Passover Lamb whose blood ratified the everlasting covenant to atone for our sins, which ended the need for temple animal sacrifices.

Joel Richardson of FAI Studios says that a rapture seven years before the day of judgment is not Scriptural.

Read The Covenant Of Daniel 9:27

Joel Richardson of FAI Studios says that the woman in Revelation 12 is Israel.

Revelation 12 is about Israel, but not physical Israel. Rather, it’s talking about the true Israelites, both Jews and Gentiles who believe in Messiah. 

The birth of Messiah’s Ekklesia of saints was very painful, as they endured ten persecution periods by the Satan-empowered Roman Emperors, from the time of Nero to 312 AD. Like child birth, the last persecution period was the most painful as Emperor Diocletian sought to wipe out Messiah’s Ekklesia of saints from 303-312 AD.

This aligns with Messiah’s message to the church era of Smyrna, as He foretold that they would face ten days (ten prophetic years) of tribulation. Read Revelation 2-3 Seven Church Eras

This aligns with the Revelation 6 – 5th Seal Martyrs as the blood of the martyrs symbolically cried out for vengeance, which came during the trumpet judgments as barbarian armies were sent to attack the Roman Empire, leading to it’s fall in 1453 AD, when Constantinople fell at the hands of the Turks during the sixth trumpet judgment.

Read Revelation 12 – The Roman Empire Beast Phase

I pray that this posts helps wake you up, so that you can see how the enemy has deceived the end-times saints, for Messiah’s return draw nigh and you don’t want to be caught off-guard like the foolish virgins who don’t have the oil of Scriptural truth to light their way.

Joel Richardson FAI STUDIOS Fatal Head Wound VideoJoel Richardson and Dalton Thomas teach a futuristic fulfillment of the 70th week of Daniel 9, the Olivet Discourse and the prophecies in Revelation.

The 70th week of Daniel 9 is about Messiah’s ministry and His blood sacrifice as the Spotless Lamb to atone for our sins. It has nothing to do with the antichrist or the end times.

The Olivet Discourse foretold the events that would lead to the desolation of Jerusalem, the second temple and the Jewish nation; as punishment for the Jewish leaders continuing in rebellion against the Heavenly Father and for delivering His Son up to be killed. It has nothing to do with the antichrist or the end times.

Most of the prophecies in Revelation have been fulfilled in exacting detail during the last 1,900 years. It describes the historical narrative of the Satan-empowered leaders of the Roman beast kingdom (pagan Emperors > antichrist beast Popes > false prophet Jesuit Superior Generals) fighting against Messiah and His saints.

The explanations of Joel Richardson and Dalton Thomas serve to deflect blame away from the enemy in Rome, and to mislead the end-times saints so that they’re not prepared for how the end-times will play out, and don’t know the context of Messiah’s return.

On the Bible Prophecy Decoded website you will find summary PDF’s, links to request free PDF’s on my books and links to order printed books.

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1 thought on “Joel Richardson FAI STUDIOS – The Rapture and Great Tribulation in 4 Ezra and 1 Enoch”

  1. I appreciate the diligence of The Historicists, and David’s work is wonderful.

    I was a Military Historian and followed the Historicists model of scripture for a long time as I saw the semblance of prophecy in the ancient Roman/Vatican coins.
    Let’s think for a minute, they are the very ones pushing the futuristic narrative. Could this futuristic fulfillment narrative be that old? What if there’s more?

    We are told no one can see(discern) the Kingdom or even enter therein unless they are born of water and spirit. We cannot understand scripture without The Spirit of Truth as our teacher. The carnal man cannot understand grace. Pauls letters explain so much about The Spiritual Kingdom of Elohiym. Messiah preached primarily about The Kingdom.

    Messiah’s prayer in John 17 is so powerful. He says “be with me where I am.” Where is he? “Closer than breathing, nearer than hands and feet!” Alfred Lord Tennyson.

    It is true. Messiah, even our Father, dwells within our Temple Not Made With Hands, and we dwell within HIM…if we are born from Above, born into the Spirit Realm.
    When I asked Our Father for “a new spirit” the Ruach Ha’Qodesh, even The Spirit of Truth came to dwell within me as a mighty, awesome, and powerful Breath. Then The Still Soft Voice told me, “seek ye the Kingdom FIRST.”
    Wow, wow, and wow. Seeking The Kingdom first makes all the difference.

    The Kingdom is not meat and drink, but peace, joy, and righteousness in The Ruach Ha’Qodesh. The Kingdom is available for those who desire to enter now. Many Saints have heard these words lately, “The Time Is Now.” Indeed it is. The gates to The Kingdom are always open.

    We need The Spirit of Truth, The Comforter, The Ruach Ha’Qodesh dwelling within if we are to comprehend The Spiritual Words. Understanding comes from above. Wisdom is the principal thing. Get wisdom, and in all your getting, get understanding!

    Ask to be born from Above, ask for The Ruach Ha’Qodesh to dwell within. When Messiah sits upon the throne in our temple we will be led to all truth, even the dark saying of old, the deep mysteries of scripture. Many are realizing the truth from the beginning…”I will not leave you nor forsake you.”

    Romans 8:1-11
    THERE is therefore now no condemnation
    to them which are in Mashiach Yahusha,
    who walk not after the flesh,
    but after the Ruach (Spirit).

    For the
    TORAH of the RUACH CHAYIYM in Mashiach Yahusha
    (Law of The Spirit of The Breath of Life in Messiah)
    has made me free from the Law of sin and death.

    For what was impossible under the Law
    for the flesh to do,
    Elohiym did in sending HIS own Son
    in the likeness of sinful flesh,
    and for sin, condemned sin in the flesh:

    That the righteousness of the Torah
    might be fulfilled in us,
    who walk not after the flesh,
    but after the Ruach.

    For they that are after the flesh
    do mind the things of the flesh;
    but they that are after the Ruach
    the things of the Ruach.

    For to be carnally minded is death;
    but to be spiritually minded is life and peace.

    Because the carnal mind is enmity against Elohiym:
    for it is not subject to the Torah of Elohiym[Grace],
    neither indeed can be.

    So then they that are in the flesh cannot please Elohiym.
    But ye are not in the flesh, but in the Ruach,
    if so be that the Ruach Elohiym dwell in you.

    Now if any man have not
    the Ruach Mashiach(Spirit of Messiah),
    he is not his.

    And if Mashiach be in you, the body is dead because of sin;
    but the RUACH is LIFE
    because of righteousness.

    But if the Ruach of Him
    that raised up Yahusha from the dead
    dwell in you,
    He that raised up Mashiach from the dead
    shall also quicken your mortal bodies
    by His Ruach that dwells in you.



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