Joel Richardson The Antichrist and the Beast from Genesis to Revelation

This Revelation Timeline Decoded post reviews a video by Joel Richardson of FAI STUDIOS, called ‘THE BOOK OF REVELATION // Session 38: The Antichrist and the Beast from Genesis to Revelation.

Video description: MARANATHA Global Bible Study // The Book Of Revelation. Session 38: The Antichrist and the Beast from Genesis to Revelation

Joel Richardson says that the dragon in Revelation 13 will give the beast authority to persecute the saints.

During the Dark Ages, the antichrist beast popes banned and burned the Scriptures. The popes caused Catholics to kill tens of millions of saints during the Dark Ages and Inquisition. The cruel torture devices that they used are the most brutal made by man.

The antichrist beast Popes reigned in civil and ecclesiastic authority for 1260-years, from 538-1798 AD.

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Joel Richardson says that the name Agag should be Gog.

Ironically, since Joel Richardson and Dalton Thomas blindly support Zionist Israel, Gog is Satanist Lord Rothschild and Magog is the Khazar Jews.

They are Jews by religion, not blood. Messiah foretold them in Revelation 3:9, when he said that they are “of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie;”

They have already come against the land of unwalled (Palestinian) villages, and they destroy many of the villages and killed many Palestinians. They have stolen the land and now it’s one of the most gated, walled-up cities in the world.

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Joel Richardson says that Israel is the center of Revelation fulfillment.

Almost all of the narrative of Revelation is the Roman Empire. The seals describe the decline of the Roman Empire from bloody civil wars, economic strife, famine, pestilence and death. The trumpet judgments describe army after army being sent to attack the Roman Empire, which led to its fall in 1453 AD. This was their punishment for killing millions of Messiahs saints during ten persecution periods and for revering false gods. The bowl judgments are against the antichrist beast Popes and their harlot church of Rome.

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Joel Richardson says that Tim LaHaye of Left Behind was wrong about the antichrist being Roman.

Apparently Tim LaHaye bases his claim on Daniel 9:26, saying that the ‘prince to come’ was Roman.

This is a false explanation, as the prince to come was Messiah, the highlight of the 70 weeks of Daniel 9 prophecy. The 70th week and He died in the middle of the week to confirm the covenant (which was mentioned in Daniel 9:4) to atone for our sins as the Spotless Lamb, which ended the need for temple sacrifices.

In Daniel 9, Daniel tells us who the ‘people’ are, the Jews; he tells us who the ‘prince’ is, Messiah; and he tells us that the ‘covenant’ that is ‘confirmed’ in Daniel 9:27, is the covenant of mercy that already existed, which Daniel pleaded for the Heavenly Father to remember in regard to the Jews in Daniel 9:4; yet you give those terms different definitions.

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The whole premise of the explanations of Revelation by Joel Richardson and Dalton Thomas are based on the false concept of a futuristic 70th week of Daniel 9.

The 70th week of Daniel 9 is about Messiah, not the antichrist. Messiah carried out His multi-year ministry during the 70th week and He died in the middle of the week to confirm the covenant (which was mentioned in Daniel 9:4) to atone for our sins as the Spotless Lamb, which ended the need for temple sacrifices.

A 70-week prophecy from the Heavenly Father is fulfilled in 70 consecutive weeks, otherwise is makes no sense to say ’70 weeks are determined.’ It’s not about the end times or the antichrist, that is a deception from the enemy to mislead the end-times saints. This is extremely important to understand.

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I pray that Joel Richardson and Dalton Thomas find the truth about prophecy fulfillment, for they are declaring things which they will regret when they stand before Messiah.

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Messiah’s apocalyptic vision is a war manual, designed to hide the explanation from those who should not understand it. It uses symbolic words that are defined in the Old Testament to point to a literal fulfillment. If you read Revelation only from a literal perspective, the interpretation is hidden.

Understanding the vision is like taking a Biblical final exam. If you’ve read the whole Word, you will have seen the symbolism that Messiah uses and can apply it to the fulfillment.

If you read Revelation as one chronological narrative, the prophecies seem out of sequence. That’s because it has four chronological layers, each of which spans from when it was written until Messiah returns.

This book explains the prophecies of Revelation on a timeline to help you see how the four chronological layers interact with each other, so that you can comprehend the whole vision.

You will learn how to identify who fulfills the role of the son of perdition, the antichrist beast, the false prophet, and the harlot called ‘Mystery, Babylon the Great.’ You will understand the proper context of the seal, trumpet, and bowl judgments; the little book of Revelation 10, and the two witnesses of Revelation 11.

Whether you’re a novice at Bible prophecy or someone who has studied it extensively, I provide an explanation that is easy to understand yet has the depth of verse by verse explanations to provide you the evidence you need to prove it out.


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