Chuck Baldwin Jesus Versus Israel Based Prophecy Video

This Revelation Timeline Decoded post features a video from Dr. Chuck Baldwin of Liberty Fellowship called Jesus-Based Prophecy Vs. Israel-Based Prophecy.

This message was preached by Pastor Chuck Baldwin on Sunday, March 13, 2022, during the service at Liberty Fellowship.

I’ve listed the main talking points by Pastor Baldwin which I disagree with and provide summaries to show why he’s off-target, and then provide links to studies which give the Scriptural explanation and historical fulfillment.

This is not to be misconstrued as a personal attack on him. I really appreciate that he teaches the historical fulfillment of the 70th week of Daniel 9 and Messiah’s Olivet Discourse, and that he exposes the fallacy of Zionist Israel. 

But if some of his explanations are wrong, especially when it comes to the subject of the antichrist, don’t you want to know it? Iron sharpens iron! If a person can’t consider constructive feedback about their teachings, then there’s a pride issue at hand.

Pastor Chuck Baldwin of Liberty Fellowship says that it’s tragic that some Christians are so mean-spirited that they oppose other Jesus-based prophecy fulfillment explanations.

He says that some preachers just like to fight, are insecure, have a desire for preeminence or have an argumentative contentious spirit. Ironically, that accusation seems pretty mean-spirited to me!

So it’s okay for him to proclaim that the pastors who teach futurism are giving a most diabolical eschatological explanation, but it’s not okay for someone to point out errors in his teaching? That’s hypocritical!

I really don’t like doing this kind of work, but when someone brought his prophecy video series to my attention, I watched them. I make posts like this because I’m called to teach prophecy fulfillment and expose deceptions, so that the saints aren’t misled!

Pastor Baldwin said, ‘for example, if I say that the Roman papacy is AN antichrist and a historical premillennialist says that the Roman papacy is THE antichrist, is it really worth fighting over?’

YES! BILLIONS OF TIMES, YES, as the antichrist beast Popes of Rome have misled billions of Catholics with a false gospel of works through the sacraments and that Mary is the intercessor to the Father, which leaves them lost in their sins. And they do it all in the name of Jesus Christ!

YES! TENS OF MILLIONS OF TIMES, YES, as the antichrist beast Popes of Rome caused tens of millions of saints to be tortured and killed during the Dark Ages and the Inquisition! Search ‘Catholic torture devices’ and you’ll see the barbaric, inhumane things that they did to the saints. Did it matter to the Albigenses, Waldenses, Huguenots and other people groups who proclaimed Scriptural truth and would not bow to the authority of the antichrist beast Pope, even though it costs them their lives? The saints’ blood cries out saying, ‘Yes it matters!

Did it matter to these esteemed saints who didn’t testify against an antichrist, but they testified against the antichrist beast Popes of Rome, some of whom paid for their witness with their lives?

  • John Wycliffe said Antichrist, the head of all these evil men, is the pope of Rome.
  • Sir John Oldcastle, a follower of Wycliffe, proclaimed the Pope as the great Antichrist, the Son of Perdition, the open Adversary of God, and the Abomination standing in the holy place.
  • John Huss proclaimed the Antichrist has been revealed in the Pope for which he was burned to death.
  • William Tyndale said the Pope is the antichrist and his doctrine sprung of the devil. Tyndale was caught, arrested, tried, and sentenced to death.
  • John Calvin said we call the Roman pontiff Antichrist.
  • Martin Luther declared We here are of the conviction that the papacy is the seat of the true and real Antichrist.
  • In 1555, Hugh Latimer said before being burned to death, “What fellowship have Christ with Antichrist?“
  • Nicholas Ridley said before being burned to death that the See of Rome is the seat of Satan.
  • Thomas Cranmer said before being burned to death that the Pope is Christ’s enemy, and the antichrist.
  • John Knox said the pope should be recognized as “the very antichrist, and son of perdition, of whom Paul speaks.
  • John Wesley said that the whole succession of popes from Gregory VII are undoubtedly Antichrist.

The antichrist beast Popes banned and burned the Scriptures and killed the saints during the Dark Ages, to hide the light of the true Gospel. By May, 1514, they proclaimed that all of Christendom was under their authority and that there were no witnesses against them anymore. The Holy Spirit had Catholic monk Martin Luther compare what the Popes teach against the Scriptures (Rev 11:1, the reed like a rod) and he found out that the Roman Catholic Church is an apostate church, and not part of the true temple, but that it’s delegated to the outer court of the Gentiles. Then exactly 3 1/2 years after the Popes proclaimed that there were no witnesses against them, Luther posted his 95 Theses, which sparked the Protestant Reformation. DOES THAT MATTER? YES!

The protest against the antichrist beast Popes brought the saints back to life and they proclaimed the Gospel to Catholics, and millions were redeemed for the kingdom. They translated the Scriptures into English and other languages. With the timely advent of the printing press, the little book of Revelation 10, the printed Bible, was spread around the world and it has become the all-time best selling book. DOES THAT MATTER? YES!

Daniel pointed to the Popes as the little horn of Daniel 7 who sought to change the times and the laws of Scripture. Paul pointed to the Popes as the man of sin, the son of perdition, who proclaim to lead Messiah’s church (thus he sits in the temple), but leaves Catholics lost in their sins by their false gospel. John in his epistles points to the Popes who deny God by having people call him Holy Father, and deny the Son by proclaiming that Mary is the intercessor to the Father. John in Revelation called the Popes ‘the beast’ because they are a false prophet, an unruly, vain-talking, deceiver who speaks evil; and opposes Messiah and His saints. DOES THAT MATTER? YES!

John points to people who have the mark of the beast, who will be condemned by the Heavenly Father. He’s pointing to people who revere (mark on forehead) and obey (mark on right hand, actions) the antichrist beast Popes. The Catholics in France revered and obeyed the Popes command to kill the saints in France, and their punishment came during the early vial judgments of the bloody French Revolution and Napoleonic Wars. DOES THAT MATTER? YES!

In Revelation 17, Messiah is describing the harlot Roman Catholic Church which sits on the antichrist beast led Roman beast kingdom. Her priests wear purple and scarlet. They use the golden cup during their blasphemous Eucharist ceremony, which denies Messiah’s one-time atonement for our sins, and symbolizes the Babylonian Mystery Religion of pagan-god worship. By command of the antichrist beast she has been drunk with the blood of the saints. DOES THAT MATTER? YES!

Will it matter to Christians, who after a worldwide economic collapse when nobody will be able to buy and sell, may revere (worship) the antichrist beast Pope as a ‘Christian’ leader when he offers a One World financial system if they join with him? YES, AS IT HAS PROFOUND IMPLICATIONS OF CONDEMNATION BY THE HEAVENLY FATHER!

YES! YES! YES! it matters because the souls of many people are at stake!!!

And to proclaim that it doesn’t matter is a significant erroneous statement!

Do these things which are done by THE antichrist beast in Jesus’ name, matter? 

The word ‘anti’ means both ‘in place of’ and ‘against.’ The popes proclaim to take the place of Messiah, to be the ‘Vicar of Christ,’ the substitute Christ on earth; but they teach heretical concepts that are contrary to Messiah.

The popes have proclaimed that salvation in only through their church and that all others are damned. And now the Popes say that all religions lead to the same God.

The popes deny the Heavenly Father by proclaiming to be God, forgive sins, and provide salvation, which is blasphemy. They have people call them Holy Father, which Messiah forbids. They’ve taken the Heavenly Fathers’ titles of His Holiness, Most Blessed Father, Vicar of God, God on Earth, and the true God.

The Popes deny that Messiah came in the flesh, as they teach the immaculate conception of Mary and that Mary was sinless, which means that Messiah didn’t inherit a human flesh sin nature through her. The Popes deny Messiah by proclaiming to be the high priest of His church, but they teach a false gospel of works through the sacraments. The Popes deny Messiah by proclaiming that Mary is the intercessor to the Father.

The Popes deny Messiah’s one-time atonement for sins, as they proclaim that their priest brings Messiah down from heaven to create an unbloody sacrifice during their blasphemous Eucharist ceremony. They proclaim that the bread and wine are His real body which is sacrificed again for sins. They make him the eternal victim. This heretical act is played out in Catholic churches around the world many times a week.

The Popes cause Catholics to make graven images. This breaks the second commandment, which they removed from their list. They have graven images of Mary before which many Catholics bow down and pray.

The wicked crucifix of the antichrist beast Popes equates to 666 in the Greek. The Greek letters have the meaning of ‘Chi-Xi-Stigma’ which signifies ‘Christ-nailed-to a wooden beam.’ The antichrist beast Popes keep Messiah on the cross, putting Him to open shame in their basilicas around the world.

The Popes venerate skulls and bones in cathedrals and crypts. They cause Catholics to pray to dead saints, which is forbidden.

The Pope’s blasphemous Eucharist ceremony symbolizes the Babylonian Mystery Religion as the priests revere the round sun-god wafer, then place it in a monstrance that has sun rays emanating from it. The wafer is placed on a lunette holder, which symbolizes the moon goddess. This mimics the sexual union of the sun god and moon goddess, which produces their incarnate christ child Tammuz. They do this under the guise of it representing Messiah’s communion.

The Pope’s have an Egyptian obelisk phallic symbol of the pagan sun god in the middle of a sun wheel in St. Peter’s Square, which designates the basilica as a temple of sun-god worship. Inside St. Peter’s Basilica is a huge sun symbol above a large ornate throne. The Popes made the Roman Pantheon, where all pagan gods are worshiped, into a Catholic church, and they placed another Egyptian obelisk in front of it.

The Popes have people fawn over them, kiss their hand, lay prostrate before them, revering them. The leaders of nations and religions travel to Vatican City to bow before the Pope as a world leader.

The Popes made themselves rich with the collection of indulgences. They spent many billions on their many ornate basilicas instead of using the money to preach the true Gospel, provide Bibles worldwide, provide food and water to people worldwide, and end homelessness.

The Popes forbid their priests to marry, which causes many to be homosexual, to rape nuns and children.

The Popes cause Catholics to make vain, repetitive prayers during mass and while praying the rosary to Mary, which Messiah forbids.

The Popes cause many people to reject Messiah and the pure Gospel because they think that the actions of the Roman Catholic popes and priests represent the true faith of Scripture.

In the name of Jesus Christ, the Popes have systematically made war with Messiah and His saints, yet somehow the antichrist is hidden in plain sight.

Does the overwhelming evidence that the Popes of Rome fulfill Bible prophecy as THE man of son, THE son of perdition, THE antichrist beast matter? YES!

Pastor Chuck Baldwin of Liberty Fellowship says that Judaizers are stealing our liberties.

In a sense this is true, as people use the Satanic Babylonian Talmud and Egyptian Kabbalah to steal, kill and destroy. But Bible prophecy is primarily pointing to the Roman beast kingdom, the fourth beast kingdom of Daniel 2 and Daniel 7, which stays in power until Messiah returns. Read The Beasts Of Daniel 2 and Daniel 7

John picks up the narrative in Revelation, describing the leaders of the different phases of the Roman beast kingdom. Revelation 12 describes the Roman Emperors being used by Satan to try to wipe out the early church during ten persecution periods that lasted until 312 AD. That’s 280 years from when Messiah died, which mimics the human gestation period, as the birth of the early church was painful, especially the last part during the tenth persecution period from 303-312 AD.

The Revelation 13 sea beast describes the Satan-empowered antichrist beast Popes of Rome who had civil authority for 1260-years from 538-1798 AD, during which they caused tens of millions of saints to be tortured and killed during the Dark Ages and Inquisition. They banned and burned the Scriptures to hide the true Gospel.

The Revelation 13 earth beast describes the Satan-empowered false prophet Jesuit Superior Generals, the black popes, who control the Roman beast kingdom in the end-times. The two horns of Revelation 13:11 point to two leaders who feign to be priests of Messiah (like a lamb), the black pope and the white pope, who really serve Satan (the dragon) to make war with Messiah and His saints.

Read Prophecy Points To The Leader Of The Roman Beast Study

As I covered in my previous review, it’s the Jesuits who past U.S. Presidents opposed and knew were the greatest enemy of the liberties of U.S. citizens.

This review builds on the foundation of my previous explanations called Chuck Baldwin Antichrist, Man Of Sin, Falling Away Video Review

Pastor Chuck Baldwin of Liberty Fellowship says that the less ‘Israel-based’ explanations are, the more accurate they will be.

That’s partially true, as the primary false explanation that was created by the Jesuit priests in the 16th century to counter the Reformers, in order to deflect blame away from the antichrist beast Popes; is Israel-based futurism.

But the preterist explanations are not Israel-based and it’s another grand deception that was created by the Jesuit priests for the same purpose, to deflect blame away from the antichrist beast Popes.

Read How The Deceptions Spread

Pastor Chuck Baldwin of Liberty Fellowship says that dispensational premillennialism is the least Biblical and the most diabolical eschatological explanation.

I agree with that statement, as it denies Messiah’s fulfillment of the 70th week of Daniel 9 and the prophecies in Messiah’s Olivet Discourse.

He says that it causes people to not focus on the antichrist in the world today, because they’re so focused on a future one-man antichrist. This is true, but his declaration that the antichrist is a system and not a man, serves to mislead people too, as they’re not seeing how the office of the papacy, the Popes of Rome, fulfill Bible prophecy as the little horn of Daniel 7, the son of perdition of 2 Thessalonians 2 and the antichrist beast of Revelation.

Read Revelation 13 – The Roman Sea Beast Phase

Pastor Chuck Baldwin of Liberty Fellowship says that he appreciates and respects explanations that are not Israel-based.

He points to historical premillennialism, postmillennialism and amillennialism. Premillennialism points to Messiah returning before the 1000 years in Revelation 20. Postmillennialism points to Messiah returning after the 1000 years in Revelation 20. Amillennialism points to Satan being bound by Messiah’s atoning work on the cross and that there’s no literal 1000 years.

Pastor Chuck Baldwin seems to be an amillennialism, which is typical of a preterist. I’m in the historical postmillennialism camp.

Pastor Chuck Baldwin of Liberty Fellowship says that if it’s not Israel-based, then he’s not going to argue about our differences.

Proclaiming the truth of prophecy fulfillment is not arguing. And even if it is seen that way, it’s worth debating because the differences between what Pastor Church Baldwin is teaching and what Scripture is describing, are profoundly different!

The historical fulfillment of most of the prophecies in Revelation during the last 1,900 years validates the authority of the Bible and the deity of Messiah. DOES THAT MATTER? YES!

In order to defeat the enemy in this spiritual battle, we have to know exactly who the enemy is. Messiah went to great lengths to describe the antichrist beast Popes and false prophet Jesuit Superior Generals, the false priests of the harlot Roman Catholic Church of Revelation 17-18. DOES IT MATTER TO KNOW WHO THE ENEMY OF MESSIAH AND HIS SAINTS IS? YES!

Does it matter to the 1.3 billion Catholics who are mislead by the antichrist beast Pope and have the mark of the beast on them? YES, IT MATTERS!

Pastor Chuck Baldwin of Liberty Fellowship points to futurists blinding the minds of 80% of evangelicals

He’s right that we need to enlighten futurists with the truth and that its harder to unlearn something than to learn something. Their minds have been programmed through repetition so that it’s hard for them to fathom a different perspective.

But he’s wrong in what he’s teaching about the antichrist being a system not a man, and that the son of perdition is Satan. Whole church bodies made declarations against the antichrist beast Popes, not against many antichrists and not against a system!

The Church of England declared that the Papal Church of Rome is the Babylonian beast.

The Bishop of Rome teaches, that they that are under him are free from all burdens and charges of the commonwealth, and obedience towards their prince; most clearly against Christ’s doctrine and St. Peter’s. HE OUGHT THEREFORE RATHER TO BE CALLED ANTICHRIST, and the successor of the scribes and pharisees, than Christ’s vicar, or St. Peter’s successor; SEEING THAT, not only on this point, but also in other weighty matters of Christian religion, in matters of remission and forgiveness of sins, and of salvation, HE TEACHETH SO DIRECTLY AGAINST BOTH St. PETER, AND AGAINST OUR SAVIOUR CHRIST.’

The Church of Scotland Confession of Faith declared the Pope as the Antichrist, the man of sin and son of perdition.

There is no other Head of the Church than the Lord Jesus Christ, nor can the Pope of Rome be in any sense the Head thereof ; but is that antichrist, that man of sin and son of perdition, that exalteth himself in the church against Christ, and all that is called God.’

The Lutheran confession of faith 1603 testified that “the Pope is the very Antichrist, who exalteth himself above, and opposeth himself against Christ.”

The Pope is the very Antichrist, who exalteth himself above, and opposeth himself against Christ, because he will not permit Christians to be saved without his power, which, nevertheless, is nothing, and is neither ordained nor commanded by God.”

The Irish Articles of Religion of 1615 testified that the Bishop of Rome is the Man of Sin.

The Bishop of Rome is so far from being the supreme head of the universal Church of Christ, that his works and doctrines do plainly discover him to be that man of sin, foretold in the holy Scriptures, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of His mouth, and abolish with the brightness of His coming.”

The London Baptist Confession of 1689, proclaims that the Popes of Rome is the antichrist, that man of sin, and son of perdition, that exalteth himself in the church against Christ.

The Lord Jesus Christ is the Head of the church, in whom, by the appointment of the Father, all power for the calling, institution, order or government of the church, is invested in a supreme and sovereign manner; neither can the Pope of Rome in any sense be head thereof, but is that antichrist, that man of sin, and son of perdition, that exalteth himself in the church against Christ, and all that is called God; whom the Lord shall destroy with the brightness of his coming.

Westminster Confession of Faith states that the Popes of Rome is the antichrist, that man of sin, and son of perdition, that exalteth himself in the church against Christ.

The Westminster Confession of Faith declared, “There is no other head of the church but the Lord Jesus Christ, nor can the Pope of Rome in any sense be head thereof, but is that antichrist, that man of sin, and son of perdition, that exalteth himself in the church against Christ, and all that is called God.” This confession was ratified and established by Act of Parliament in 1649.


Read Historical Witnesses Against Antichrist

I prove out how the Popes of Rome and the Roman Catholic Church fulfill Bible prophecy.

Here’s a one-page PDF of How The Popes Of Rome Fulfill Bible Prophecy

Here’s a one-page PDF of how the Roman Catholic Church Fulfills Bible Prophecy

I prove out the historical fulfillment of most of the prophecies in Revelation during the last 1,900 years, which validates that THE antichrist beast is fulfilled by the office of the papacy.

Revelation Timeline Decoded by David Nikao Wilcoxson - end times prophecy

Messiah’s apocalyptic vision is a war manual, designed to hide the explanation from those who should not understand it. It uses symbolic words that are defined in the Old Testament to point to a literal fulfillment. If you read Revelation only from a literal perspective, the interpretation is hidden.

Understanding the vision is like taking a Biblical final exam. If you’ve read the whole Word, you will have seen the symbolism that Messiah uses and can apply it to the fulfillment.

If you read Revelation as one chronological narrative, the prophecies seem out of sequence. That’s because it has four chronological layers, each of which spans from when it was written until Messiah returns.

This book explains the prophecies of Revelation on a timeline to help you see how the four chronological layers interact with each other, so that you can comprehend the whole vision.

You will learn how to identify who fulfills the role of the son of perdition, the antichrist beast, the false prophet, and the harlot called ‘Mystery, Babylon the Great.’ You will understand the proper context of the sealtrumpet, and bowl judgments; the little book of Revelation 10, and the two witnesses of Revelation 11.

Whether you’re a novice at Bible prophecy or someone who has studied it extensively, I provide an explanation that is easy to understand yet has the depth of verse by verse explanations to provide you the evidence you need to prove it out.

Here’s a link to YouTube videos about the fulfillment of 2 Thessalonians 2 and Revelation.




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4 thoughts on “Chuck Baldwin Jesus Versus Israel Based Prophecy Video”

  1. Dear David,

    Thank you!

    Thank you for this answer to prayer because I watched both of these messages by Pastor Baldwin twice and was disturbed and disheartened to say the least. I was also angry, I admit it.

    I was angry not for me but because God has given Chuck Baldwin a platform and an online audience RIGHT NOW to spread the gospel across the world! Chuck has a unique opportunity, during one of the greatest deceptions (the COV scam) in human history, to bring the gospel truth and Biblical prophecy to the people of many nations.

    It’s a time when people MUST know the truth about the salvation of Jesus Christ and Antichrist – ALL OF IT, including the Papacy which is working right now with nations across the world against the saints! I mean this literally. There are actual meetings and collaborations with the Pope to bring all religions together as one.

    The antichrist runs through the so-called PROTESTant churches and these churches are obeying and revering the Pope of Rome! They sold out and we saw this when the pastors in this country stood down and were incentivized by Trump’s $2.3 trillion dollar package to stand down as did ALL the state governors with the $50 billion dollars Trump signed off on, but I digress.

    Chuck Baldwin did NOT stand down nor did he take any bribery money from Trump via the federal reserve which is why he has such an opportunity to stand apart as a non-501c3 church who speaks truth.

    David, If it wasn’t for the sound historical research, record, and sound Scriptural truth found in your Biblical prophecy fulfillment books, I may have been misled once again by the half-truths and mis-truths in Chuck Baldwin’s messages. I do appreciate Chuck’s truth about a lot of things and appreciate his passion but he missed the mark on these most recent messages.

    I praise God for spiritual wisdom and discernment every day. I also pray for humility to go along with it.

    In short, what I have learned the past two years is to never put your trust in any man. Always test everything, everyone, and all things against the Holy Scriptures of God. Jesus is our ROCK.

    I believe Chuck Baldwin loves God and Jesus Christ BUT he is absolutely 100% off the mark with these sermons as of late. These last few messages are a part of a long Biblical prophecy series on top of it.

    We must hold one another to account not just in love but in conviction and in truth! It’s time to defend the Word of God and NEVER compromise or omit truth for any reason.

    We are commanded by God, through Jesus Christ, to stand steadfast in truth and faith for “the time is at hand.” Revelation 1:3

    Thank you so much for your profound and well written commentary on the above-mentioned subject. It must be said.

    In the name of our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ,

    • Thank you for your comment April!

      Yeah, his last few videos have been very disheartening to me, as I had hoped that he was understanding the glorious historical fulfillment of Revelation!

      I post reviews like this for people like you, who are searching for truth, because Pastor Baldwin’s explanations can seem convincing.

      You’ve been blessed to have ears to hear and eyes to see!

      Indeed, we have to test everything. I don’t want people to blindly trust what I teach. They need to compare it to Scripture and history, and pray for wisdom.

      Keep learning and growing in The Way of our beloved Messiah!

  2. Hello David,

    Your review is beautifully written! Not only is it historically true and Scripturally sound, there is passion and love written all over it.

    This passion and love comes from spiritual wisdom and discernment. It comes from God’s grace and our comforter, the Holy Spirit.

    Truly, it is a piece that everyone in the evangelical community needs to read, study, and embrace with prayer and God’s Holy Word.

    I so appreciate this and I know many who read it will too. I believe this writing can actually save and change souls for Christ Jesus. It’s powerfully written and inspired by God’s Word and spiritual wisdom!

    Kindest regards,

    • Hello April, thank you for your comment! His video stirred me up, because this ‘debate’ isn’t about who’s right and who’s wrong. It’s about truth that impacts billions of lives.

      It has major consequences for Catholics and for people who may decide to revere the antichrist beast Pope if/when he offers a solution to be able to buy and sell again.

      We’re called to proclaim the Gospel and to witness against antichrist beast Pope, to win battle in the spiritual realm. About the saints who endured the persecutions by the Satan-empowered Roman Emperors, Revelation 12:11 says, “And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.”



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