Amazing Prophecies American And Vatican New World Order

This Revelation Timeline Decoded post reviews a video by Amazing Prophecies called Breaking Pope Putin Prophecy Alert: AMERICA & VATICAN Will Lead The Coming NEW WORLD ORDER!!

Amazing Prophecies points to the mark of the beast as a one-time event.

This is a false narrative as there are many references to the mark of the beast which have fulfillment at different times. Many people mistakenly lump them all together into one event in the end times when people can’t buy and sell, based on Revelation 13:17.

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Amazing Prophecies points to Biden countering Putin to say that the USA will lead the New World Order.

This is a false narrative as both countries are controlled by the General in Rome, who at this point controls the leaders of almost every nation. They stage events like this to give the media something to talk about while they carry out their evil agenda of pushing the world into their One World Government.

Amazing Prophecies says that the USA is the earth beast of Revelation 13.

The major premise of this video is that the USA is the earth beast of Revelation 13, but that is not accurate. Daniel foretold four beast kingdoms, the last one is the Roman beast kingdom which endures in power until Messiah returns. In Revelation, John picks up the narrative, describing the leaders of the three phases of the Roman beast kingdom: pagan Roman Emperors > antichrist beast Popes > false prophet Jesuit Superior Generals.

Explanations like this from the Seventh Day Adventist church serve to deflect blame away from the General in Rome.

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Amazing Prophecies says that a beast in prophecy symbolizes nations or world powers.

This is not true!

Amazing Prophecies says that a beast in prophecy symbolizes nations or world powers.

Amazing Prophecies says the earth beast starts out like a lamb, then changes to speak like a dragon

The text is not pointing to this type of transition, but rather is saying that the two leaders, the two horns, pretend to be priests of Messiah (like a lamb) but serve Satan (the dragon) to make war with Messiah and His saints.

The Society of Satan in Rome helped found the USA through the Carroll family, to fulfill their plan of pushing the world into their One World Government.

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They control the city-state corporation of the District of Columbia, which they use to gather intelligence and to attack countries who have not bowed down to the authority of the General in Rome.

Amazing Prophecies points to a future image of the beast.

The ‘beast’ is the antichrist popes who were given civil and ecclesiastic authority for 1,260 years, from 538-1798 AD. I believe that the ‘image of the beast’ was created in 1929 at the Lateran Treaty, which created the city-state corporation of Vatican City, which gives the ‘image’ of the White Pope having civil and ecclesiastic authority again. But it’s all an image, as the Black Pope controls the Vatican.

Amazing Prophecies says that a Sunday law the mark of the beast.

The other major point that SDA’s make is that Sunday is the mark of the beast, but that is not accurate. Having the mark of the beast means that a person reveres (mark on forehead) and obeys (mark on right hand, actions) the antichrist beast Pope. 1.3 billion Catholics have the mark of the beast, as they revere the Pope as their leader.

I believe that the SDA Church has been infiltrated by the enemy to give false explanations which serve to deflect blame away from the General Rome.

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5 thoughts on “Amazing Prophecies American And Vatican New World Order”

  1. The last beast is lead by the black and white pope. But it includes the USA, the EU, and Vatican City. That’s what people need to understand.
    Big $… the black pope( jesuits) runs the world. The white pope runs the religious side through the Catholic Church and the Muslims.
    Look what’s happening right now. Biden is passing all kinds of bills to pay for all of this equipment that we’re selling everywhere because of this war in Ukraine.
    The rich are getting richer. And the USA is the war machine and the economic Babylon of the world for the popes. The popes run the city of London, which runs Washington DC.
    So America is , also , the beast of revelation. We’re, also, the Babylon of the world. We( USA) claim to be founded under God, but we take God out of everything. In schools, etc…
    At the same time we put god, or god’s, into everything. We promote the universal god. Whatever you want to consider your god, then it’s your god.
    This all goes against God.
    USA has, also, funded the growth of the world economically for the past 80-90 years or so.
    It’s time to wake up and rejoice because the Day of the YHVH is at hand. Our day of salvation approaches sooner than we think.
    Stay strong in the WORD, brother. Amen!

    • Thank you Marcus for your comment. I believe you and David are pretty much saying the same thing.

      I appreciate your message.


  2. David,

    This is most excellent! So much so, I’m printing it out and using it for teaching and ministry for souls purposes.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to write this and explain it so well.

    I have learned a great deal also from Tom Friess (Inquisition update) and Jorg Glissman (Hour of the Truth). Very powerful truth concerning Daniel and exposing the Papacy as Antichrist.

    Do you have any comment or opinion about them? I want to be sure that any of their teachings do not conflict with those of yours pled through Scripture and history.

    Do you know if they are SDA’s?

    They have used books Rulers of Evil, All Roads Lead Rome, and End Time Deceptions in their broadcasts. These book readings seem to correspond with yours. However, you mentioned Wohlberg as a SDA (oe orher) deception? His book is End Time Deception. Any comment would be appreciated.

    Jorg Glissman and Tom Friess seem spot on with Daniel, Paul and John prophecy.

    However, Jorg Glissman disagrees with the 538AD to 1798AD time period. I still don’t know why. He puts the end period as 1866 and the beginning (I forgot but not 538AD).

    Friess and Glissman cover the Papacy and historicist view so well. Jorg said he also believes that SDA may be infiltrated because the website of the late Richard Bennett, a converted Christian from the priesthood, who did expose the Roman Catholic Church, appears to be infiltrated. This happened after Bennett’s passing away.

    Would love to hear your comments.

    On a different note, Pastor Baldwin’s latest message on March 20, 2022 again deflects blame away from the Papacy by focusing on futurism without one mention of Rome and the Jesuit/Papacy/Vatican. WHY?

    Is Baldwin falling into deception or is he intentionally hiding the truth about the Popes, Jesuit Generals, and Roman Catholic Church? He simply does NOT reveal the Antichrist of the Bible which is the Jesuit controlled Papacy NOT the Zionist Jews who are controlled by the Papacy. WHY?

    Perhaps if he does, it will destroy his false god (my opinion) worship by placing the Constitution and Bill of Rights as some Saviour instead of our Heavenly Father God and Messiah Jesus being the ONLY Saviour for humanity and America.

    Perhaps Chuck would have to let go of Ron Paul, a Jesuit puppet and denier of Christ, or Chuck would have to let go let go of Deists/Freemasons George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Paine.

    Chuck’s loyalty, allegiance, and affection for these men is idolatrous! Comparing it to Scripture not my opinion.

    I am not happy with how he is teaching Biblical prophecy as of late. It’s sideways and deceptive. I fear he will not listen to truth as many of us have tried to tell him. He lashes out by holding fast and strong to his FREEDOM DOCUMENTS. Freedom for who? The deniers of Christ?

    I am praying God’s truth will convict him soon.

    Thank you for your truth revealed in Scripture and history.

    In Jesus our Messiah,

    • April, I’ve only listened to a few of Tom Friess’s teachings, but none of Jorg Glissman. I’m not sure about what we may disagree on, or whether they are SDA.

      Yeah, I think that the SDA church has been infiltrated because their explanations about the earth beast and vial judgments serve to deflect blame away from the General in Rome.

      Some people say that the Popes were officially given power in 606 AD, thus the 1866 ending year. But there’s nothing significant that took place in 1866 to mark the end.

      As for Pastor Baldwin, I can’t say whether his explanations are out of ignorance or are from a deceptive spirit. The bottom line is that they serve to deflect blame away from the leaders of the Roman beast kingdom.

      Yeah, Ron Paul, and his son Rand, are controlled opposition. They pretend to oppose the deceptions, but nothing ever comes from it.

      Keep learning and growing in The Way of Messiah, David

      • Thank you David for your reply. That is helpful.

        Keep sharing the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Messiah.



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