Tracking The 7 Year Israel Peace Agreement

This Revelation Timeline Decoded Bible study page will track the narrative of an Israel peace agreement, as the enemy has caused it to become a marker, for the supposed 7-year tribulation, featuring the supposed one-man antichrist; and the supposed pre-trib rapture.

That’s a lot of “supposeds” but the whole narrative is a deception from the enemy, to deceive the end times saints.

The concept of a future 7-year tribulation period is based on a futuristic 70th week of Daniel.

The 70th week of Daniel is not about the end times, and it is not about the modern state of Israel or a one-man antichrist.

The 70th week of Daniel was fulfilled on time, after the 69th week, from 27-34 A.D.: when Messiah and His disciples confirmed with the Jews that He is the promised Messiah who ratified the everlasting covenant with His blood as the Passover Lamb. Here is a study series that prove this out. The 70th Week Of Daniel Deception

The Revelation 13 – Roman Sea Beast study proves that the antichrist beast of Scripture has been fulfilled by the office of the papacy, the Popes of Rome.  There will be a final one to be sure, but all of them fulfill prophecy.

Even though there is no Scriptural justification for a future 7- year tribulation period, the enemy has convinced the majority of Christians of these things, and they will play them out.

No doubt there will be an Israel peace agreement, maybe for seven years.

And no doubt the person who makes it, maybe President Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner; will be labelled as the one-man antichrist.  Read Is Jared Kushner Being Positioned As The Antichrist?

Keeping in mind that the enemy has caused Christians to believe that an Israel peace agreement marks the beginning of a supposed future 70th week of Daniel, the 7-year tribulation period; this would be a significant event, if it happened.

So if a peace agreement is reached this year, Christians would be awaiting their supposed pre-trib rapture.  But since the 70th week of Daniel was already fulfilled, there is no pre-trib timeframe.  Messiah will return at the end like He said.

Read this Revelation Fulfillment Summary to see where we are in the fulfillment of Revelation. The short answer is that most of Revelation has already been fulfilled during the last 1,900 years, and we are in the 6th bowl; waiting on WW III and the One World Government of the 7th bowl.

I’ve listed the latest events first, so they you can see what is going on right now:

On 05/03/17 President Trump met with the Palestinian leader, Mahmoud Abbas, in the Oval Office on Wednesday. 

Mr. Trump proclaimed that he would be the president who finally makes peace in the Middle East. “We will get this done”.

People on Facebook made the following comments, showing that they know the (false) narrative, and are looking for their pre-trib rapture.

Gosh – If this is True, my spirit is LEAPING!!!!!!!!!!!!

When they say, Peace, Peace….. look up!

Wow, gets more exciting as each day passes!

Right before our eyes………………….

Sign on the dotted line………………………….I’m Ready To Go Home!!!!!

05/03/17 False prophecy teacher Anita Fuentes hosted the video of Trumps speech, with the headline “BREAKING! Trump says Abbas WILL sign FINAL PEACE DEAL cites Peace & Safety in the first 75 seconds”

She then commented with the follow false narrative of a future one-man antichrist:

“Trump vows to work as “mediator, an arbitrator or a facilitator” to broker final peace between Israelis and Palestinians. For the record a Mediator is also known as a “Peacemaker” and “final peace” will be ONLY done by the Anti-Christ. With all the Christian evangelicals working for and with Trump no one has stopped to tell him he is unconsciously (or consciously) trying to fill the role of the man of sin the son of perdition? – Evangelist Anita Fuentes”

Note: Anita Fuentes is a Catholic, who gives false prophecy fulfillment explanations, in order to deflect blame away from the antichrist beast Pope and false prophet Jesuit General.

01/20/17 On the eve of his inauguration, President Trump proclaimed that his son-in-law Jared Kushner, who is Jewish, would be the perfect person to get a peace deal done, so it’s something to watch.

During his speech, Trump thanked members of his family who were in the crowd, including his son-in-law and senior adviser, Jared Kushner. “Ivanka married well,” Trump declared, referring to his daughter who is married to Kushner. During the weekend, Trump confirmed in an interview with the Times of London that Kushner, an Orthodox Jew, will be used by his administration to try and broker a peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians. “If you can’t produce peace in the Middle East, nobody can,” he told Kushner at the Union Station event.

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