The Same Old Lies From Pastor Dean Odle About Flat Earth And Revelation

This Revelation Timeline Decoded Bible article focuses on a video called ‘Skyfall 2019 Trailer’ from Pastor Dean Odle.

Pastor Dean Odle posted this on his Facebook page. It’s ironic because he’s deceiving people about the flat earth theory and Revelation prophecy fulfillment.

Same old lies from Pastor Dean Odle about flat earth and Revelation prophecy

Pastor Dean Odle is friends with Nathan Roberts, who both teach that the earth is flat, and that most of Revelation is yet to be fulfilled.

This Revelation Timeline Decoded website proves the Historical fulfillment of most of Revelation during the last 1,900 years, which proves that what Pastor Dean Odle is teaching is false.

And I just published my The False Doctrine of the Flat Earth book, which goes through the 240 verses that Nathan Roberts cite to proclaim that “the Bible says flat earth.” Hopefully it will help Nathan and Pastor Dean Odle see the truth about cosmology, because what they teach is effectively hiding the truth.

If you’re a flat earther, have you studied the context of the Bible verses which are being cited to proclaim “the Bible says flat earth”?

The False Doctrine of the Flat Earth book by David Nikao

This book goes through all 240 verses that people like Nathan Roberts cite, to show you the proper context; because if you’re promoting this list, then you’re accountable for the explanations.

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