Steve Wohlberg SDA Church What’s Coming Video?

This Revelation Timeline Decoded post features a review of a video from Seventh Day Adventist pastor Steve Wohlberg, called 2022: What’s Coming? 

Video description: What’s coming in 2022 and beyond? The Holy Bible has the answer. In this 5-minute video, Pastor Steve Wohlberg tells us what’s on the horizon and then lists 13 practical things we must do to prepare for the pending global crisis.

If you’re a Seventh-Day Adventist, let me preface this post with understanding. 

When you’re in the only church denomination that teaches the historicist prophecy fulfillment explanations, which believes that it’s the remnant church of Messiah who has a special gift of prophecy, who is called to proclaim the three-angels message to the world; it’s easy to feel set-apart and it’s a challenge to see a different perspective.

But let me remind you that we will stand before our Righteous Judge to give an account of what we believe and what we teach. I pray that you’re the kind of person who wants truth, even if you have to find out that you’ve been misled.

SDA Church Pastor Steve Wohlberg asks, What does the future hold for 2022 and beyond?

He says that a global crisis is coming and in the confusion of this crisis, a global false solution will be offered which is the mark of the beast.

He’s pointing to a Sunday law that will demand that people rest on Sunday, as a solution for supposed cl!mate change.

Going to church on Sunday isn’t a fulfillment of the Sabbath rest anyway. Obeying a Sunday Law does not fulfill the Sabbath either. So the point that Sunday is the mark of the beast is off-target.

But this narrative is based on a false premise, that Saturday is the Scriptural Sabbath.

It amazes me that Seventh Day Adventist pastors trust the antichrist beast popes statement that they changed the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday, as a mark of their authority.

The popes are liars and this is disinformation to make the debate between Saturday Sabbath and Sunday Lord’s Day; which serves to hide the Scriptural calendar which is not compatible with the pagan Roman calendar of the antichrist beast popes.

Read the Seventh Day Adventist False Prophecy Fulfillment Teachings article.

SDA Church Pastor Steve Wohlberg says that the mark of the beast is plainly described in Revelation 13:16-17.

Indeed it is, but it’s not pointing to a Sunday law, as past fulfillment of prophecy proves that the mark of the beast is revering (mark on forehead, thoughts) and obeying (mark on right hand, actions) the antichrist beast pope.

During the last century, the number of Roman Catholics has increased dynamically, as the false prophet Jesuit Superior General caused his priests to spread around the world preaching the false gospel of Romanism. Today, 1.3 billion Catholics have the mark of the beast on them.

SDA church explanations serve to hide that truth about the mark of the beast and deflect blame away from the false prophet black pope.

Revelation 13:16-17 is pointing to a future time when the worldwide economy shuts down and nobody can buy and sell. Then in the confusion of the crisis, the antichrist beast pope may present a global false solution in offering a 0ne W0rld G0vernment financial system which is backed by gold instead of faux paper currency.

When people revere and obey the pope to be able to buy and sell again, they will have the mark of the beast on them.

Read The Fulfillments Of The Mark Of The Beast 

SDA Church Pastor Steve Wohlberg makes some great points about how to prepare.

Sadly, they are part of a video which misleads people about the mark of the beast.

SDA Church Pastor Steve Wohlberg says that Revelation 14:12 describes people who are ready for Messiah’s return.

This is another prophecy that the Seventh Day Adventist Church gets wrong, as Revelation 14 is not about the end times.

The context is that the hand-written Scriptures had been banned and burned, and Messiah’s Ekklesia of saints had been persecuted harshly by the antichrist beast Popes during the Dark Ages.

One of the harvests of Revelation 14 points to the Protestant Reformation, when the Scriptures were given back to the saints and translated into English, German, etc., and with the timely advent of the printing press, the little book of Revelation 10 was created and spread around the world.

The Protestant Reformers proclaimed the Gospel and millions of Catholics were redeemed for the kingdom for a great harvest of souls. They put their faith in Messiah alone and sought to obey the Heavenly Father’s commandments, instead of the false gospel and mandates of the antichrist beast pope. It was a great victory for Messiah, after His Ekklesia was almost wiped out by the enemy.

The other harvest points to the judgment of people in France, Spain and other countries during the vial judgments; as they revered (mark on forehead, thoughts) and obeyed (mark on right hand, actions) the antichrist beast popes orders to kill the saints.

By that, we see what is the mark of the beast.

Read Revelation 14 – Protestant Reformation 

Read Revelation 14 – Mark Of The Beast

It’s interesting, and very telling, that Seventh Day Adventists teach that the vial judgments are yet to be fulfilled, as this serves to deflect blame away from the false prophet Jesuit Superior General, who was used to carry out the first five vial judgments, when he got revenge against countries that had kicked the Jesuits out and against the white pope who removed the General’s authority.

Read Revelation Fulfillment Timeline

The Seventh Day Adventist Church appears to have been founded or infiltrated by the Jesuits, to hijack the historicist explanations.

In the 16th century, the Jesuits created the false, futuristic prophecy fulfillment explanations to deflect blame away from the antichrist beast popes. But Messiah’s saints effectively rejected the futuristic narrative for three centuries.

The false, futuristic explanations started to gain traction in the 19th century though Jesuit priest Manuel de Lacunza, Dr. Samuel Roffey Maitland, James H. Todd, John Henry Newman, Minister Edward Irving and others.

To counter this, people like Edward Bishop Elliott (1793-1875), Henry Grattan Guinness (1835-1910) and James Aitken Wylie (1808-1890), wrote books to explain the historicist narrative of prophecy fulfillment.

Elliott wrote Horae Apocalypticae (1844), which is a 2,500 page explanation of Revelation with 10,000 citations. Guinness wrote Romanism and the ReformationHistory Unveils Prophecy and other works.

J.A Wylie published The Seventh Vial in 1848; The Papacy: its History, Dogmas, Genius, and Prospects in 1851; The Rise, Progress, and Insidious Workings of Jesuitism in 1877; The History of Protestantism in 1878, and The Jesuits: Their Moral Maxims and Plots Against Kings, Nations, and Churches in 1881. Wylie was specifically pointing to the Jesuits controlling the world, so it’s interesting that SDA teachings hide how the Jesuits, specifically the Superior General, fulfill Bible prophecy.

The Jesuits know that the best way to control the opposition is to create their own controlled-opposition group, which teaches some truth to get people to trust them, but then misleads about key things.

When people learn that the 70th week of Daniel 9 is about Messiah’s multiyear ministry and His confirming the covenant with His blood to atone for our sins, they see that the narrative about most of Revelation being fulfilled during a futuristic 7-year tribulation is a deception from the enemy.

These people then seek teachers who give the historicist narrative and many find SDA Church teachers through seminars, teachings via YouTube and their many websites. The SDA Church teaches some truth, but then misleads people about key prophecies which serve to deflect blame away from the General in Rome.

SDA Church prophecy fulfillment explanations also serve to hide historicism from futurists. 

When people who are misled by the futurist prophecy fulfillment explanations, see that the Seventh Day Adventist Church teaches that going to church on Sunday is the mark of the beast, they think that it’s absurd and it causes them to dismiss SDA’s and the historicist explanation of prophecy fulfillment.

SDA explanations serve to mislead historicists and cause futurists to shun the historicist narrative. Do you see how the controlled opposition narrative works?

If the SDA Church was not established for this purpose, it’s clear that it’s been infiltrated by the Jesuits of Rome, to carry out this role.

I’m not saying that all SDA pastors are knowingly deceiving people, but what they are teaching is doing exactly that. But it’s hard to believe that Doug Batchelor, Steve Wohlberg, Walter Veith and other SDA teachers, who seem very sincere and smart, are so off-target about the explanations listed in this study.

When you’re in the only church denomination that teaches the historicist prophecy fulfillment explanations, which believes that it’s the remnant church of Messiah who has a special gift of prophecy, who is called to proclaim the three-angels message to the world; it’s easy to feel set-apart and blindly trust your leaders, so it’s a challenge to see a different perspective.

I give the true historicist prophecy fulfillment explanations in the Revelation Timeline Decoded video series and book.

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8 thoughts on “Steve Wohlberg SDA Church What’s Coming Video?”

  1. I truly believe the SDA church is being attacked for continuing to support a “prophetess” once she had proven herself a false prophet in 1844. They even added to Scripture by inventing an “Investigative Judgment” to cover for her (as if God weren’t the Sovereign and needed to “investigate”). Most of them continue to hold her words on equal footing with God’s inspired word.

    I also believe the SDAs are constantly under brutal attack because they are the only 501(c)3 religious organization that is not actively practicing modern-day idolatry. They do not honor or acknowledge the pagan celebrations of Ishtar/Easter, ChristMass and Halloween/Trunk or Treat/etc.

    God says it’s not what goes in a man that defiles him, but what he does with his hands and efforts that can affect the spiritual condition of the heart. SDAs are not idolaters — their lifestyles are not negatively affecting their heart condition by turning it toward the world.

    But all 501(c)3 religious organizations are extremists, and I do believe that is infiltration by the false prophet Jesuits and Roman Catholic influences. They are either all about any kind of idolatry, as if the blood of Jesus was shed so they can continue in idolatrous practices without repercussions; or they are like the SDAs who believe someone who eats shrimp isn’t a Christian. God says He will destroy both the belly/our flesh and meats/things of this world; the heart condition is what matters and it is affected by idolatry (revering and practicing pagan rituals and celebrations), or participating in fornication and wickedness. Mark 7:19 & 1 Corinthians 6:13.

    Praying you have a blessed end to 2022 and a wonderful, peaceful 2023, David!

    • EGW didn’t proclaim that Messiah would return in 1844, that was the Millerites who did that. But EGW and SDAs should have realized that they got the prophecy wrong and that it points to 2300 days.

      It’s great that SDA’s have come out of Babylonian/Roman manmade traditions. Sadly, they’re now following Jewish fables in believing that a day starts when the sun goes down and that Saturday is the Scriptural Sabbath.

      I really think that they are another daughter of the harlot church of Rome, as it was created in the 19th century, like the Jesuits did with Mormonism and the Jehovah’s Witness false Christian religions.

      They wanted to control the historicist narrative and have been very successful.

      May our Heavenly Father bless and keep you Michele!

      • The Millerites, yes. EGW was teaching the 1844 coming of Christ, and stated that the door of salvation was closed for 10 years prior to that… that is, by far, my biggest issue with her teachings. A true prophet would have never declared or taught such a thing. And it’s a shame that White’s Investigative Judgment false doctrine was followed by the SDAs after she incorrectly taught the 1844 return of Christ.

        White could have very well been influenced by Jesuits and Freemasons. So much was going on around that time…. 1 Enoch appeared in 1773 after being “lost” since 800 BC, and dispensationalism flooded the U.S. in the 1830’s. It was an era that introduced all of the false doctrines that have misled today’s mainstream Churchianity.

        I just don’t understand this issue about a Sabbath day when Jesus is its very substance. I think Catholicism stated they changed the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday to mess with the Saturday observers and make them believe they are keeping the real Sabbath day when in actuality, the Sabbath was based on God’s awesome lunisolar calendar and was on the 8th, 15th, 22nd, and 28th of each month (you had several great articles on this subject). We can no longer make a day holy — only Jesus can do that — but men are using their own works to add to the work of Christ on the cross. They don’t understand that our spiritually-renewed hearts are God’s spiritual kingdom… worship and rejuvenation isn’t just on one day of the week anymore.

        The SDA’s have definitely skewed the historicist narrative, no doubt. And they’re quite bullheaded about defending their incorporated organization which is never a wise thing to do… they refuse so much truth. But I have to give them credit for speaking out against the secret societies who are behind the deception. I just take the melon and spit out the seeds. 🙂

        Thanks for continuing to expose the deception, David. Take care!

        • Thank you for sharing that insight! I did not know the EGW proclaimed that! Where did you find proof that she said that?

          The main point of this article is that Saturday is not the Scriptural Sabbath and that going to church on Sunday is not the mark of the beast. It’s amazing the SDA’s trust the antichrist beast pope when he says that they changed the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday. Seriously? The popes are deceivers!

          Yeah, SDA’s feel like they are the special church with a mission from God, so they aren’t easily convinced about false teachings.

          Blessings to you!

          • Correction: White taught that no one could receive salvation AFTER the 1844 return did not happen. Here is a quote from the website that disproves so much about EGW:

            “They taught that on October 22, 1844, Christ got up and moved from the Holy Place into the Most Holy Place. In so doing, Christ shut the door of salvation to all except those Advent believers who had joined Miller’s 1844 movement. They believed that Jesus was “shut in” with His special people, preparing them to receive His kingdom. They believed that since October 22, 1844, Christ was ministering only to Israel (the Advent believers). They taught that Christ was testing His children on certain points of truth, such as the seventh day Sabbath, and that their work for the salvation of others was finished.”

            It’s abhorrent what she taught and is a clear sign they were a cult. But today’s SDA’s completely ignore this… it’s sad.

          • Thank you for sharing that information! Not only is it abhorrent but it’s ignorant as it’s based on a false explanation of the 2300 days of Daniel 8. It’s hard to comprehend how SDA’s don’t see the truth about that prophecy, especially since the Feast of Lights celebrates the rededication of the temple after the Grecian leader Antiochus controlled it for 2300 days. It is sad!

  2. These past few articles on teachings from Steve Wohlburg have been great.

    I share the same frustrations with Adventists that you do, David. Because they place Ellen G White’s writings on par with Holy Scripture and value her interpretation of Biblical prophecy above all others, it seems extremely difficult for them to ever even consider alternative explanations. I’ve gotten into a couple debates in YouTube comment sections with Adventists and shared interpretations similar to yours, but they reject them very quickly.

    To me it seems like Adventists have a blend of historicism and futurism, since they understand some parts of Revelation, such as the letters to the churches representing successive eras of church history, but then point to some parts all being future like the vial judgments. It reminds me of Chick Publications as an organization, which understands fully that the Roman Catholic church is Mystery, Babylon the Great and exposes the Jesuit order using Alberto Rivera’s testimony, yet interprets revelation as mostly future and somehow still doesn’t label the Papacy as the antichrist or recognize that the Jesuit Superior General is the False prophet.

    I think most Adventists are sincere just like I absolutely believe Chick Publications is sincere, and in both cases they share a lot of truth and in the case of Chick, do a lot of great evangelism through their tracts. But both have been mislead by the enemy in a lot of areas.

    God bless you and I pray you continue your work steadfast for the kingdom.

    • Thank you for sharing your insight Matthew! Many SDA’s came out of the false teachings of Romanism and futurism, and feel that they are the remnant church in the end times which has a special mission. The key SDA talking points have been programming into their minds through repetition, so it’s really hard for them to see a different perspective no matter how much evidence you show them.

      Keep learning and growing in The Way of Messiah!


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