Robert Breaker 2019 Rapture??? Video Is False Futuristic Teaching

by David on January 4, 2019

This Revelation Timeline Decoded Bible article focuses on a video called ‘2019 Rapture??? by Robert Breaker’

Sermon for Sunday, January 6, 2019. This is the 221st sermon preached in English on, by Missionary Evangelist Robert Breaker, in which he shows from the Bible how God works with the number 70, and he asks if the rapture of the Church could come in 2019, during the 70th year anniversary of the nation of Israel? He also speaks about how the Jews have already dedicated their altar in Jerusalem on Dec. 10th, 2018 (during the last day of their feast of Hannukuh), and how they are ready to rebuild their temple!

This still shot shows you the false, futuristic prophecy fulfillment explanations that Robert Breaker is teaching.  He’s either a deceiver or he’s woefully deceived!

Robert Breaker 2019 Rapture??? Video Is False Futuristic Teaching

His end times explanation is built on the false concept of a futuristic 70th week of Daniel. 

The 70th week of Daniel was fulfilled on time, after the 69th week, and it pointed to the promised Messiah.  Messiah’s ministry took place in the 70th week of Daniel.  It’s not about the end times or the antichrist.

The 70th week of Daniel was fulfilled when Messiah and His disciples ‘confirmed’ that He is the promised Messiah who came to ratify the everlasting covenant with His blood as the Passover Lamb.

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Speaking of the antichrist, it’s amazing to me that Robert Breaker doesn’t teach that the office of the papacy, the Popes of Rome; fulfill Bible prophecy as the Son of Perdition and the antichrist beast, who leads the harlot church of Rome.

All of the Protestant Reformers clearly proclaimed that the Popes are the antichrist of Revelation. Revelation 13 clearly points to the Popes of Rome, who rose to power out of the fallen Roman Empire.  Revelation 17 clearly points to the harlot Roman Catholic Church, which the Popes has used to persecute the saints.

And Robert wrongly teaches that most of Revelation will be fulfilled during the supposed 7-year tribulation period; but the truth is that most of Revelation has already been fulfilled during the last 1,900 years.

Read the Revelation Fulfillment Summary to see the big picture of the fulfillment of Revelation

As I said, Robert is either a deceiver or he is woefully deceived, and he is misleading many people.

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Donna Green September 23, 2019 at 5:55 am

This is hilarious! You are almost as good as The Onion.


David September 23, 2019 at 1:04 pm

The joke is on you Donna, if you’re believing what Robert Breaker is teaching!


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