Michael Snyder Article About The Federal Reserve And Donald Trump

This Revelation Timeline Decoded post is about an article called ‘Why Donald Trump Must Shut Down The Federal Reserve And Start Issuing Debt-Free Money’ By Michael Snyder.

I believe that the Jesuit’s are going to use President Donald Trump as a scapegoat. They will have him change financial policies, then cause the economy to crash, and then blame him.

Of course it’s the fault of the Jesuit Rothchilds and others who have stolen our wealth via the Federal Reserve Bank and market manipulation.

Today I got an email from Michael Snyder of The Economic Collapse blog. You can read it here.

Michael is just another false prophecy teacher, who is now featured on ‘christian’ TV.

And here he is playing his role, speaking out for ‘christians’, in calling for an end to the Federal Reserve Bank.

It’s not wrong to want the Fed charter ended, but it’s too late, we are past the point of no return. And Trump just might do it, which would be proclaimed as revolutionary by those who know the evil of the Fed.

Then the evil ones would crash the economy, causing people to lose their investments; it would disrupt money lending, so that businesses could not operate; it would cause banks to close, and people could not buy and sell. That would make Americans long for the days when the Fed was just stealing their money.

And then the liberals would riot en masse, and come full force against the Christians who voted for Trump. Be careful what you pray for.

Christians, I believe that Trump was voted in, not to save you, but to deliver you to judgment, for the American Church is nothing but a daughter of the harlot of Rome.

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