The COVID-19 Trojan Horse Is Pushing Us Towards A One World Government

This Revelation Timeline Decoded Bible page focuses on how the COVID-19 virus is the Trojan Horse to implement the agenda of the evil ones; which is much, much worse!

I typically stay focused on prophecy fulfillment, and let other people expose the many worldly deceptions of the evil ones. But the COVID-19 pandemic agenda will change the world forever, so I feel compelled to provide insight about what I’m seeing.

UPDATE: The H.R. 748 Coronavirus Aid Relief and Economic Securities Act (CARES) was introduced to the House of Representatives on 01/24/19. This proves that .Gov already knew that the CV-19 false flag event was going to take place.

The enemy is providing different narratives, all of which are designed to get people to focus on COVID-19, in order to create fear of this virus, to justify their tyrannical actions.

First they claimed that it came from people eating bat soup in China, and from their meat markets.

Then they leaked the information that it’s a bioweapon which was developed in Wuhan China and it accidentally escaped.

Then they leaked that Bill Gates has a patent on the Coronavirus, and that it was released on purpose to reduce the population.

Now they’re saying that Dr. Fauci funded the research at the Wuhan lab where the bioweapon was created.

All of those stories are designed to cover over the real cause of why people are getting sick and dying, because of the effects of 5G, which can transmit at 60GHz, which is the frequency of oxygen hemoglobin uptake. This impedes the body’s oxygen uptake, giving symptoms similar to High Altitude Pulmonary Edema. 5G causes cellular toxicity, overloading the immune system, creating a viral reaction, with flu-like symptoms.

The first wave was a test run to set up the narrative, and to see how people would respond.

They’re pushing it as far as they can in some states, such as Washington, Oregon, California and New York. They’re using it to take away Constitutional rights, in the name of protecting people.

They’re purposely using it to bankrupt small businesses, individuals, states and the U.S. government; as it’s causing massive debt.

The second wave will create lots of death in two primary ways.

Following the COVID-19 guidelines is compromising people’s immune system.

People being isolated at home is causing health issues, as their immune system is suppressed from no exposure to germs, no sunlight for Vitamin D which is critical to immune system health, no fresh air, no exercise to purge toxins, bad eating habits and weight gain, fear and depression, etc.

This is going to make people even more susceptible to getting sick when they’re exposed to germs, as they integrate back to normal life activities. And no doubt they will be tagged as positive for COVID-19.

Recently installed 5G at schools, office buildings, etc., will cause oxygen deprivation and flu symptoms. People of all ages will die, even the young. This will:

Serve to discredit truthers who question the seriousness of the ‘pandemic.’

Discredit lock down protesters, people who don’t wear masks, who didn’t stay home; as irresponsible, destroying the possibility of future protests.

Destroy the premise that only the old are vulnerable.

Cause a massive and harsh lock down, worse than before, accompanied by internal border checkpoints. And there will be virtually no resistance.

All of this will make people desperate for a solution, and the enemy will provide one, a COVID-19 vaccine and medical tracking chip; and sadly, 99% of people who are oblivious the evil-one’s agenda, will line up for their shot and chip, in order to try to get back to a ‘normal’ life.

They will implement ‘contact tracing‘ programs, to justify taking anyone into custody, who they deem as symptomatic or who they say has had contact with someone with is positive for COVID-19. They won’t have to justify it before a judge, they will just make their own decisions. This allows them to target anyone, truthers, antivaxxers, constitutionalists, etc., and take them into captivity.

This is a psychological warfare operation, mind control on a mass scale; to push the world into an authoritarian technocratic dictatorship. 

The evil ones are laughing, while people are being social conditioned to stay at home, to see empty grocery store shelves, to having limits on purchases, and to wait in line just to get in a store.

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai says, “The fear of viruses – the “invisible enemy” – is a VERY powerful tool for forcing you to accept all measures for the “common good.”

“As an MIT PhD in Biological Engineering who studies and does research nearly every day on the Immune System, the Coronavirus fear mongering by the Deep State will go down in history as one of the biggest frauds to manipulate economies, suppress dissent, and push mandated medicine.”

This Revelation Timeline Decoded Bible page focuses on how the COVID-19 virus is the Trojan Horse to implement the agenda of the evil ones; which is much, much worse!

Dr. Judy Mikovitz declared, “The pandemic is being misrepresented as if viruses float through the air. Viruses don’t float through the air. They don’t live on surfaces, especially corona viruses, much more than an hour. We’re being told wipe down your groceries, this is ridiculous.”

“It’s far more plausible that’s it’s (the virus) been injected…..This virus didn’t spread to 110 countries from a seafood market in China – it’s plausible, it’s probable that’s it’s been in the flu vaccine since 2013-2015…..we have no idea, but the flu vaccine is driving the infections.”

“I object to the mask because if you are carrying these injected viruses and you are wearing a mask……. and you activate the virus with things like stress….. these dormant viruses will wake up in yourself and you will re-infect yourself with a mask. Especially those with asthma, COPD, those living in pollution……..There are a lot of co-factors to disease development………Wearing a mask will kill more people than this virus.”

“It is the vaccinated spreading the virus because they are immunocompromised.”

There’s truth in the statements from Dr. Shiva and Dr. Judy Mikovitz, but they’re not pointing out the elephant in the room, that 5G is causing people to become sick and die.

Are they just ignorant of these things? Or are they controlled opposition who teach truth about viruses and the corruption in the industry, in order to deflect blame away from the real culprit, 5G?

The Plandemic videos and Dr. Judy Mikovitz are being shared all over Facebook, and being taken down on YouTube, which buzz. She is teaching truth, but ultimately the Plandemic videos and Dr. Judy Mikovitz are deflecting blame away from the real invisible threat to humanity, which will be used to reduce the populatin and take total control of the world, 5G 60Ghz wavelengths.

The Synergy Science Qi Home device provides whole-house protection from 5G, wifi and smart meter electromagnetic frequencies (EMF).

The Qi-Home device generates a field of vital energy (torus field) and produces free electrons, to diffuse EMF. This may help reduce headaches, fatigue and sleep disturbances. Qi devices with Waveguard Technology are the only proven products that reduces EMF exposure – keeping you biologically safe.

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FEMA planned to carry out a National Level Exercise 2020 in May 2020, to include operations Binary Blackout and Eagle Horizon. It was going to simulate a cyber attack from Russia, to disable to water supply and to take out the electrical grid nationwide. Supposedly it was cancelled due to the COVID-19 event, but was it really? When you look at how the COVID-19 event has put national guard and vehicles around the country; it may point to the NLE 2020 exercise going live. 

I’ve taken what insiders are saying, and condensed it into concise explanations. Am I right about everything, probably not; but it gives you insight into the agenda of the evil ones, so that you can be prepared.

We know that the evil ones at the top of the power pyramid are pushing the world into their One World Government; so we have to look at how major events lead to that goal. When you know the outcome, Agenda 2030, the New World Order; then we can see that the major events are not random, but are steps towards the goal.

COVID-19 is not a random virus from animals in China, it is a bio-engineered variant of the common Coronavirus.

Most of the people who are dying, have compromised immune systems. The evil ones may be categorizing anyone who has the flu and dies from it, as having COVID-91, to create numbers to drive their narrative.

Click on this link to read a short article which proves that the COVID-19 testing is completely invalid.

A 2010 Rockefeller Foundation Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development study, predicted that a bioweapon pandemic could be used to impose martial law one quarantine at a time. Under the guise of a pandemic, they will implement the police state, and take more control of us, and establish an authoritarian global government. Their ‘Lock Step‘ scenario is unfolding nearly exactly as we’re witnessing with the Coronavirus pandemic now.

On May 28, 2015, Bill Gates said that a global pandemic will wipe out 33 million people in one year. When you read articles about the Coronavirus, notice how often the number 33 appears, as it’s an important number for the evil ones.

During the Keynote Address for Pandemic Preparedness in the Next Administration at Georgetown University, January 10, 2017; Jesuit Dr. Anthony Fauci foretold the pandemic.

“The idea that we are now a few days away from a new administration, given as you heard from the introduction that I have been around for awhile and have had the opportunity of serving in five administrations, I thought I would bring that perspective to the topic today — is the issue of pandemic preparedness. And if there’s one message that I want to leave with you today is that there is no question that there will be a surprise outbreak. The thing we are extraordinarily confident about is that we are going to see this in the next few years.”

Six weeks before the Coronavirus event started, the World Economic Forum held a meeting called Event 201, in which they simulated this exact scenario with a Coronavirus pandemic, and the economic fallout.

The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, the U.S. and China CDC, the United Nations, the central banks, vaccine manufacturers and the media; were all involved. This event and the fallout, were all planned. Here’s a link to a video about Event 201.

Since Event 201, the CEO’s of Disney, IBM, Harley-Davidson, T-Mobile, LinkedIn, Mastercard, Salesforce, Credit Suisse and Hulu; all stepped down, which is very suspicious.

Nearly 10,000 military personnel from 110 nations, carried out exercises in Wuhan, China; weeks before the Coronavirus outbreak. What are the odds? 😛

While the controlled media outlets and social media are filled with news about the COVID-19 virus, the evil ones are using it to make a major push towards their One World Government.

The evil ones take as big of steps as they can, but not too big as to cause people to wake up. They make everything seem random, so that people don’t connect the dots.

Here’s a list of the effects of the manufacturer COVID-19 epidemic, which will change the world forever:

They are creating more national debt, state debt, business debt and personal debt; to enslave us.

Central banks are the privately-held corporations of the evil ones. They create money out of thin air, and then they charge interest on it. The more debt they issue, the stronger they become. The more money they issue, the less each dollar is worth, so they’re stealing our wealth.

This created crisis helps Trump and Congress justify passing a $2 trillion dollar stimulus bill, to bailout businesses and give every American money; which will dramatically increase the national debt.

03/29/20 President Trump, when signing the Coronavirus Stimulus Bill, said that it’s a 2.2 trillion Stimulus package, but it goes up to 6.2 trillion dollars. That’s 6.2 trillion dollars printed out of thin air, most of which will go to the corporations of the elite; which steals the wealth of Americans; and puts the country into even more debt!

It will help Trump and Congress justify passing legislation to bailout big corporations, which they say cannot be allowed to fail, as they provide essential services. The money will go to the elite who own the corporations, and it will increase the national debt to the elite bankers.

It will cause states to run out of money and need loans, making them servant to the Federal Reserve Bank, and subservient to national control.

Look at how many people are now not working at restaurants, bars, fitness clubs, hair salons, etc. This will cause them to go into more debt, and make claims for .gov benefits.

03/26/20 Unemployment claims soared to 3.3 million last week, the most in history. There were 282,000 claims in the prior week.

04/02/20 Unemployment claims increased by 6.6 million, which means that there’s been 10 million claims during the last two weeks.

This will lead to massive governmental, corporate and personal debt; which will help usher in the evil one’s new worldwide monetary system.

They are using it to allow the private bankers of the Federal Reserve Bank to takeover the world.

There’s only 1.7 trillion actual dollars, the rest is digital, it’s printed out of thin air!

On 03/20/20, it was announced that the Federal Reserve Bank will lend an additional $1 trillion a day to large banks. ONE TRILLION DOLLARS A DAY!!! THAT’S INSANE!!! By comparison, the official U.S. national debt is $23 Trillion, so lending one trillion dollars a day is incomprehensible.

This is part of their final solution, a global takeover. Giving the Federal Reserve Bank unlimited liquidity allows them to create unlimited debt, to enslave humanity. They are dollarizing the world. They will give those dollars to their central banks around the world, to buy assets, so that they control everything.

They’re infused a trillion dollars a day to prop up the economy, so that it doesn’t tank… yet. And that should cause the stock market to rise, as they infuse that money into companies. But that massively increases the debt, and it’s reduces the value of each dollar, thus they are stealing your wealth.

The Federal Reserve Bank is not just buying government debt anymore, but they’re buying corporate debt, municipal debt and Exchange Traded Funds (the stock market). This means that they will control those entities; corporations, cities, the stock market, etc.

This is a global takeover, but Americans (and the people of the world) are sitting idly by, hoping to get their bailout check soon.

Robert T. Kiyosaki says, The Stimulus is socialism for the rich, as the poor, middle class, employees and small business are wiped out. This is not capitalism. This is corruption.

Stimulus, quantitative easing, zero interest rates, and trillion dollar bailouts for the rich is not capitalism. It is the corruption of capitalism at the highest level. I call it “criminal capitalism.”

They are using it to steal the investment savings of Americans, who are in the stock market.

The stock market was already in a bubble under Obama, but Trump economics created a hyper-bubble. But American’s didn’t care, because they were profiting, so more and more people invested in the stock market.

And then the evil ones used an unseen variable, to drop the market. Three years of market gains, vanished in three weeks. They are using this stock market collapse, to steal American’s IRA’s, 401(k)’s, stocks, bonds, etc.

The oil market crash, which has nothing to do with the Coronavirus situation, was timed perfectly to make the most impact on America. The evil one’s control both Russia and Saudi Arabia, so this was no coincidence, but was perfectly synchronized with the Coronavirus to increase the impact.

It will push America and the world into a grand recession. And where will that leave people who have worked their whole lives to build a retirement 401K? Broke!

All of that money does not magically disappear, it ends up in the pockets of the elite, who shorted the market to benefit from its drop; or they got out before the drop. This will allow them to be able to buy stocks at rock-bottom prices, to give them even more control.

They are using it to move the world towards a digital currency.

They may use COVID-19 to ban the use of cash, as it supposedly spreads diseases. How convenient!

This will help them prevent bank runs when they implement their major plans. This will help them cut off people who oppose them. It’s about control over the monetary system, and over your lives. When you look to the time when people can’t buy and sell, save they have the mark of the beast; the digital financial system allows them to control exactly that.

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said that the Federal Reserve is looking into developing a digital currency in the US. This will help them push that agenda.

The newest proposal by House Democrats includes the creation of the ‘digital dollar‘ and the establishment of ‘digital dollar wallets.’ It would be maintained by the Federal Reserve Bank.

It gives them an excuse to take away American’s constitutional rights.

China has supposedly overcome the spread of COVID-19 through drastic lock down measures. I don’t believe the official narrative in China, and think that it’s being used to justify America and other countries to enforce a strict nationwide lock down.

The Trump Department of Justice has asked Congress to craft legislation allowing chief judges to indefinitely hold people without trial and suspend other constitutionally-protected rights during COVID-19 and other emergencies.

They could use this to target people who they have identified as dissenters, threats to their agenda; to lock them up indefinitely, under the guise of a national health crisis.

03/27/20 The CDC will set up a coronavirus ‘surveillance and data collection system’ as part of the $2.2-6.2 trillion stimulus bill, which President Trump just signed into law. Can you say Orwellian nightmare?

They’re banning people from meeting together, to try prohibit them from forming an alliance against them. The National Guard has been activated in at least 28 states. They’re shutting down a few cities and states at a time, as to not cause people to panic.

They tell us to apply social-distancing of six-feet and to not gather in groups bigger than ten people; but here’s how they present that message. Do you do see the irony and mockery?

They may enact laws to ban guns sales, and confiscate weapons; under the guise of public safety during a supposed national health crisis, violating the 2nd Amendment. They could stage some killings at stores, with the narrative that people are fighting over supplies, to justify new gun laws.

They may even spin the COVID-19 narrative to say that pollution decreased rapidly during the shutdown, to justify making new laws about their global climate change agenda.

It allows them to position national guard troops in the major cities.

5,500 National Guard troops are now deployed in 32 states, under the guise of protecting us from the Coronavirus; but when you see the soldiers, most aren’t wearing masks. Isn’t that just a bit odd? They’re being positioned to protect the businesses of the elite, and to suppress rebellion.

Police in California are using drones to enforce the lock down. They are conditioning Americans to get used to a total surveillance police state. They’re locking it down, bit by bit, to see what they can get away with, to see people will respond.

Under the guise of a national health crisis, they have basically enacted martial law; shutting down whole industries and demanding that people stay at home.

On 03/27/20, the White House announced that President Donald Trump has signed an executive order authorizing up to 1 million military reservists be called up to aid in the fight against the coronavirus.

Keep in mind that the massive protests in Hong Kong were effectively ended by the Coronavirus narrative. Think about the power of that!

It allows them the ability to setup their 5G grid.

Wuhan, China is the test city for 5G microwave wavelengths, which can affect the body’s ability to process oxygen. This explains why people were collapsing suddenly in Wuhan; which is not typical of someone who has the flu/Coronavirus. There are plenty of videos on YouTube which expose how 5G wavelengths can be used as a weapon against humanity.

With people staying home, they can setup their 5G network infrastructure. More than just being a weapon, which can be used to harm us and control our minds; it is the technology will allows them to track everything, to run their digital system of control over people.

On Thursday, 03/19/20, California Governor Newsom announced his intention to expand the deployment of (5G) wireless infrastructure in schools, during the COVID-19 quarantine.

Trump and Congress secretly passed the “5G and Beyond Act 2020” on 03/23/20, the first day of the mass lock downs in the US.

They need this in place to be able to track every human being on earth in real time, to control them, and what better opportunity, than to install it when nobody is around.

The initial 5G network build-out alone is planned to cost $1.7 trillion worldwide. Experts predict 220 million 5G phones will sell in 2020. After that, 1.3 BILLION by 2023. That means a lot of 5G stations all over the world!

There may be a direct link between vaccines and COVID-19.

The Chinese were given mandatory vaccines in late 2019, as were the people in Italy. The citizens in those countries were protesting against their government, when this ‘pandemic’ hit, forcing them off of the streets. How convenient!

The vaccines may contain dormant viruses or RNA-altering substances, which can be activated by 5G microwave signals. So instead of the virus spreading through the air or touch, it may already be implanted via shots.

Dr. Scott Jensen of the Minnesota State Senate, said on Fox News that when a patient who is categorized as COVID-19 is admitted to the hospital, they get $13k. If that COVID-19 patient goes on a ventilator, they get $39k. This explains why doctors are claiming COVID-19 so much.

5G causes oxygen deprivation, and poisoning of the body.

5G millimeter wavelengths can cause the body to not process oxygen effectively, which leads to oxygen deprivation. This is why people in Wuhan, China, were collapsing and dying suddenly.

5G can cause cell poisoning. The body responds by purging the toxins out of the cells, which then overwhelms the body and causes a viral reaction, with flu-like symptoms, which can lead to death.

Look at the places which have supposedly been hit hard by COVID: Wuhan, China; Italy, New York, etc., they all have 5G networks.

The evil ones need to cause significant deaths, to justify their lock down, so they may use the 5G wavelengths in cities around the U.S.,to cause oxygen deprivation and cell poisoning.

Metals in vaccines and chemtrails cause the body to respond better to 5G wavelengths, so you want to detox your body of metals.

It will help them justify an implant in people, to track who has had vaccines.

The COVID-19 event is a Trojan Horse, to push their vaccines agenda, and Certificates Of Vaccine ID tracking chips (COVID).

They may use it to mandate vaccines in the name of national security, and lock people up indefinitely when they refuse.

Bill Gates said, “For the world at large, normalcy only returns when we largely vaccinate the entire global population.”

Bill Gates is proposing a microchip implant to fight Coronavirus, called ID-2020. An implantable capsule would have ‘digital certificates’ which can show who been tested for Coronavirus and who has been vaccinated against it.

They may push to limit the movement of people who have not had vaccines, in the name of public safety. The easiest way to enforce that is with an implant which has your vaccine record. This would make people who refuse vaccines, to be unable to buy and sell in their digital financial system.

They want everyone to get vaxxed, which tells you how important it is to get their DNA-altering substances in your body.

Revelation 18:23 says, “for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived.” The Greek word for ‘sorceries‘ is pharmakeia; which means medication (“pharmacy”), i.e. (by extension) magic (literally or figuratively):—sorcery, witchcraft.

They are using it to end small businesses and increase the power of mega-corporations.

Small businesses that have survived Walmart and Amazon, are going to struggle as supply chains dry up, leaving them without products or essential materials. It will lead to the bankruptcy of many small businesses, and medium ones too.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said that the Fed will make up to $4 trillion in loans to businesses to rescue the U.S. economy, to help small and large businesses get through the next 90 to 120 days.

What this means is that those businesses will be owned by the Fed, when they fail.

This serves to increase the control and influence of the mega-corporations; Amazon, Walmart, etc. When you limit the places where people can make purchases, you control whether they can buy or not.

That will cause business owners and their employees, which make up a significant portion of Americans, to become unemployed and in debt, and need support from the government.

The evil ones are pushing corporate fascism, where America and the world, is controlled by government and mega-corporations. The may use this event to nationalize some corporations, under the guise of saying that they cannot be allowed to fail.

They have intelligence agencies and national police forces which are designed to protect them from the serfs. Now they can invent a pandemic virus and mandate that protesting people clear the streets.

I don’t think that America is going to collapse into a third-world country, just into a nation of debt slaves. From its foundation, America is designed to control the world, to push it into the One World Government.

There is an all-seeing eye above the pyramid on the U.S. One Dollar Bill for a reason, because America is the engine that drives the world into the One World Government.

Look at the Dow 30 U.S. corporations which the evil ones use to control the world. Do you think that these companies are going to tank? No, and they need U.S. workers to run them.

3M, Apple, Boeing, Caterpillar, Chevron, Cisco, Coca-Cola, Disney, Dow Chemical, Exxon Mobil, Goldman Sachs, Home Depot, IBM, Intel, Johnson & Johnson, JP Morgan-Chase, McDonald’s, Merck, Microsoft, Nike, Pfizer, Procter & Gamble, Travelers Companies Inc, United Technologies, UnitedHealth, Verizon, Visa and Wal-Mart.

03/30/20 The Trump administration is giving Johnson & Johnson, $456 million dollars to develop a Coronavirus vaccine. And when these vaccines are pushed, the cabal who owns J&J will make billions of dollars.

Instead, they are going to drop the economy, to deflate the bubble that they created, to put Americans into a grand depression.  They will provide services and products through the government and their mega-corporations.

A new America is being created, one where government and corporations rule over society.

This is the first phase of the enemy’s ‘shock and awe’ campaign against humanity, as they psychologically bombard people with fear of the COVID-19, and then with the designed economic fallout. They’re making the narrative about the war on the virus, but the war is really on humanity.

They are using it to affect dramatically affect the food supply.

Some food and ingredient suppliers have shut down, and they could go out of business, because of COVID-19. This means that there will be shortages of products to fill store shelves.

Dairy farmers are being incentives to quit, because the evil ones have dried up the demand.

Add in that crops were badly damaged last year from weather, and the enemy has set us up for food shortages in America.

They’re already setting up the narrative of COVID-19 coming back worse.

The CDC chief warned that the second coronavirus wave could be deadlier.

Dr. Robert Redfield, the director of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said, “We’re going to have another battle with it upfront and aggressively next winter. This is why it is so important we take the time right now to improve our testing capacity, expand our public health capacity to do early case recognition, contact tracing and isolation.” 

What that means is they want to implement more testing, more surveillance, tracking, and locking down of people.

Arturo Sosa, the Jesuit Superior General, the Black Pope, says that COVID-19 is not an accident, and that there are many interests behind it, which is very telling. And he pointed to it potentially coming back worse.

This would help them justify a total lock down for a longer time, a more intrusive surveillance state with 5G, and mandatory vaccines.

They will use it to help justify a One World Government.

03/26/20 Ex UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown calls for global government to tackle Coronavirus.

Do you see it now? The agenda is much grander than a man-made Coronavirus killing people. It’s about the evil ones using it to make a giant leap forward towards their New World Order.

And most Americans are not going to resist, because they think that this is a national health crisis, and they are doing their part by staying home.

Others have been misled by a Q-Anon narrative, which proposes that this COVID-19 crisis has been manufactured in order for the military to take down the cabal, the deep state.

But that is a false narrative, to cause ‘patriots’ to stand idly by while Trump and the .Gov leaders push us into martial law, and into an economic nightmare.

Read President Trump Using COVID-19 To Take Down Cabal Deception

Do understand who is at the top of the power pyramid, who controls the world via many front organizations?

People blame the cabal, the deep state, the Jews, the Illuminati, the Bilderberger’s, etc.; and all of those entities are to blame for the mess that we’re in; as they steal, kill and destroy.

But the Bible clearly foretold who controls the world in the end-times. One man controls the world via those front organizations, and many more.

To find out who controls the world in the end times, click on Revelation 13 – Roman Earth Beast

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44 thoughts on “The COVID-19 Trojan Horse Is Pushing Us Towards A One World Government”

  1. Why is the “Rapture” not mentioned more is not mentioned in this article? Note, I haven’t read any of your other articles yet.

  2. You might not be right all the time, but, I think this is right on from what I’ve researched and seen. My disagreements with you are usually minor and trivial. None here.

    • Thank you for your comment Ronald! Yeah, I certainly don’t know it all, but I share what I believe to be true, so that people can compare it with Scripture, and decide for themselves.

      The COVID-19 agenda is the biggest false flag event ever! And sadly, most people are oblivious to the evil agenda!

      Keep learning and growing in The Way!

  3. David
    You need to educate yourself on this 5G instead of believing in all the conspiracy theories – if you are so worry about the effects of EMF then you better empty out your home of all electrical devices, appliances, computers, I pads, cell phones, hair dryers, cordless phones, battery chargers, TVs, AC, WiFi stereo equipment, stay out of the sun and away from electrical lines and never get another X-ray or a MRI. You are expose to EMFs daily. 5G is a non-ionizing radiation, the sun and X-rays are ionizing radiation. 5G is already here, when you see birds, bugs, animals dropping dead outside them give me a holler, until then FEAR NOT and don’t worry about tomorrow – like the good Lord said. As for vaccines you can’t be pro-life and be pro-vaccines because they have aborted fetus cells in them. Vaccines, drugs and the toxic garbage they are putting in our food is is what is making people sick. Anybody getting a vaccine for the flu is a shedding their viruses all over the place. The anti-vaxxer population is growing larger and larger every day. I can’t even tell you how many people I know that have been injured from them or became ill. The site below is on EMF Exposure

    • Christine, yes, all of those EMF sources are bad for your health, but 5G is a different level of bad because of the wavelengths and the impact on the human body. You’re the one who needs to educate yourself!

      As for vaccines, how is it that you think that I’m pro-vaccine? This article says the very opposite, that the evil agenda of the COVID-19 false flag event is to push toxic vaccines.

      Revelation 18:23 says, “for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived.” The Greek word for ‘sorceries‘ is pharmakeia; which means medication (“pharmacy”), i.e. (by extension) magic (literally or figuratively):—sorcery, witchcraft.

  4. I don’t have to educate myself on this – my ex son in law to be has been in this business of WIFI towers for years. EMFs with ionizing radiation is what impacts humans health not EMFs with non-ionizing radiation – which is what 5G is. Using your phone relies on radio waves, which are on the low end of the electromagnetic spectrum, and as such produce non-ionizing radiation. This means they do not damage the DNA in cell tissue. Tanning beds are EMFs that have ionizing radiation, this is why there is big warnings about using them because they cause cancer and why tanning salons put limits on their customers. Another one that has ionizing radiation is X-rays.
    Also Trump called this virus a hoax at the very beginning, he hasn’t put this country under martial law and he is pushing this country to get back to work. Now he is investigating the WHO and cutting off funding to them and talking about not paying back the debt that we owe to China in they are found guilty of a cover up. He also has all kind of investigations going on against the corruption in the government. So stay tuned and watch what happens after he is reelected.
    My advise to you is stop running to and fro on the internet gathering up all these conspiracy theories. Hearsay and rumors are not truths, accusing certain people of doing evil without proof, is breaking the 9th commandment You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.
    Like you said God is in control.

    • You’re missing the point about the COVID-19 false flag. America is now six trillion dollars more in debt. Small businesses will struggle to survive. The Federal Reserve Bank is now creating one trillion dollars a day out of thin air, to put into the market, to enrich the global elite, and bankrupt the United States. They will push hard to mandate toxic vaccines. They have created more of a police state, to monitor people. None of that is conspiracy theory, it’s on one record by the US Gov. Exposing the deceptions of the evil ones is not bearing false witness.


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