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David Nikao Wilcoxson

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Blake May 27, 2020 at 2:34 am

Hi David,

I’ve left several comments but they all say “being moderated” — do I need to register or something to engage in the dialog?

Anyways, I have a question about the “10 toes”. Everything is making sense for me so far, and the Arabs/muslims all make sense, but I’m not getting the “mingle with the seed of men” aspect of it. To me this is a clear reference to Gen 6 and the efforts Satan has always made to corrupt the seed of adam/eve. It would make sense that “they shall mingle, but will not cling to each other, just as clay and iron do not mix” is representative of some type of genetic / DNA / sexual immorality. I just haven’t seen your explanation for this “mingling of seed” aspect, but I’m sure you have thought it through. Please share or email me. Thank you! Blessings


David May 27, 2020 at 3:40 am

I have to approve every comment, because people comment with really rude things. All of your comments have been approved.

The word ‘mingle is defined on my Iron/Clay Feet study.

The Strong’s Hebrew word for both “mixed” and “mingle” is 6151 “arab”.

The word ‘arab’ in Daniel 2:41 and 2:43 is not found anywhere else; because the passage in Daniel was originally written in Aramaic, which is very closely related to Hebrew.

But when we do a word study, we can see that the Aramaic 6151 ‘arab’ corresponds to Hebrew words that describe the mixing of the Arab race.

Aramaic 6151 arab corresponds to Hebrew 6148 arab – is a primative root, meaning ‘to braid, to intermix’

Hebrew 6150 arab is a primitive root identical with 6148.

Hebrew 6152 arab is derived from 6150, and it signifies the land of Arabia.

Hebrew 6154 ereb is derived from 6148, and signifies a ‘web of cloth’, also a mixture (or mongrel race), and especially the people of Arabia, a ‘mingled people’ or ‘mixed multitude’.

Hebrew 6163 arabee is derived from 6152, and signifies ‘an Arab or inhabitant of Arabia’.

Smith’s Bible Dictionary also states that “Arab” and “mixed” are related terms and ideas: “Arabia cannot be held to have a more extended signification than the Hebrew equivalents in the Old Testament. (a) ‘erb’ (Exo 12:38; Neh 13:3) and ‘erb’ (1Ki 10:15; Jer 25:20, 50:37; Eze 30:5), rendered in the AV “a mixed multitude” (Exo 12:38), here followed by ‘rb’, ‘the mixed multitude,’ kings of ‘Arabia’ so in Vulgate, and in Hebrew in corresponding passage in 2Ch 9:14, and (in the last two instances) ‘the mingled people,’ have been thought to signify the Arabs.”


juliet May 27, 2020 at 11:06 pm

How awesome would it be if you could make this information (from your piece “The Jesuits Helped Found America, To Use It As Their War Machine) into TV series of some sort?!?! This was incredibly interesting and puts a lot into perspective. Thanks for your dedication to this.


David May 28, 2020 at 3:41 am

I’m working on getting my Revelation Timeline Decoded book series completed, and start back making videos on YouTube.


george May 30, 2020 at 9:39 pm

I’m sorry but this is not a question actually, I listened to Revelation ten horns, and heads teachings in your videos session. whomever is almost correct but not entirely thought. he has made an error. While the first nations of divided Rome are the first horns which three fell now heads, the other ten horns upon the beast are new horns of the New World Order. kingdoms which now exit today but yet to receive power with the beast one hour 15 years. Rev. 17:12 they tried hard with this pandemic Trump derailed this by taking action earlier than the globalist expected. in our modern time line. thank you keep up the great work you do!


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