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102 thoughts on “Contact David Nikao Wilcoxson”

  1. May I ask you a question that doesn’t pertain to any particular comment line? Would you send me an email address that I can use?

        • I answered your question on this page Richard. I’ll include it again below,

          Hi Richard, sorry for the slow response, I get a lot of questions on my websites, Facebook, YouTube, etc. It’s a great question. I’ve not done an in-depth study of Ezekiel 38-39, to provide a thorough explanation. It’s hard to say what is allegory. For example, the temple in Ezekiel seems to point to Messiah’s Ekklesia of saints, His Church, which is the temple in which the Father dwells.

          Even the most esteemed theologians struggle to explain the visions in Ezekiel 38-39. You can read the explanations from Adam Clarke, Albert Barnes, John Gill and Matthew Poole online @

          That said, we can see that Gog and Magog play a role in Revelation 20, which means that they exist beforehand. And we can see how Lord R and the A.J.’s fulfill that role, as they control the world’s financial and trade organizations and have huge influence. Add in that they are pushing the Noahide Laws and you see how they want to make war with Messiah’s saints.

          Keep learning and growing in The Way of Messiah!

  2. Hi David, First, I want to thank you for the work that you are doing for the Lord. I love the books and I have had others purchase the books and we have studied them together. I have one question from the teaching about the Orthodox Church. Twice in the teaching you say that man is in the grave (asleep). I am assuming you are saying all that have died except Christ. My question is about reconciling that with Jesus speaking with Elijah and Moses in the transfiguration or when Jesus says to the thief on the cross “Today I will be with you in paradise.” Thank you and God bless you!

    • Hi Tonya, thank you for your comment! Great question about Elijah and Moses. It may have just been a vision.

      As for the thief on the cross, I think that it’s simply a matter of a misplaced comma by the translators.

      Instead of “And Jesus said unto him, Verily I say unto thee, today shalt thou be with me in paradise.”
      It could read “And Jesus said unto him, Verily I say unto thee today, shalt thou be with me in paradise.”

      It changes the meaning dramatically. And we know that Messiah was not in paradise that day as He was dead in the grave until the third day, so that invalidates that Messiah was telling the thief that they would both be in paradise that day.

      Keep learning and growing in The Way of Messiah!

  3. Hello David
    I happened upon your website(s) the other night as I was researching Daniel 9:27. Wow you have provided a treasure trove to those of us who are seeking solid Biblical truth!!! Thank you sooooo much!!!
    Anyways, for a long time I could not reconcile the prevailing thought that it was the antichrist who confirmed a covenant and that he is going to make a 7 year peace treaty with Israel. It seemed very clear to me that the one who confirmed the covenant was the Messiah. My searching in scripture and then your writings on the subject finally settled the issue for me. Honestly I don’t understand how normally intelligent Christians can be so blind.
    Pouring over your many postings (it’s a bit overwhelming to say the least!!) I just now found this page and was interested to read the question about what Jesus said to the thief on the cross… Today you will be with me in paradise. I was actually quite surprised by your reply! My understanding has been that Paradise and Abraham’s Bosom were where the righteous who died before Jesus substitutionary death on the cross went to wait for the until the Messiah came (Luke16) as opposed to going to hades. And that when Jesus died He descended (Eph 4:8-9) to paradise and set those righteous ‘captives’ free as He had now bridged the gap and provided the way of salvation past present and future. Otherwise what happened to the righteous Old Testament saints??
    Your thoughts please??
    Thanks so much!
    Kathryn Chopee

    • Hello Kathryn, I’m blessed to know that the explanations about Daniel 9:27 help you see the truth about the fulfillment!

      Yeah, it’s hard to comprehend how Christians, especially pastors, read Daniel 9 and conclude that the 70th week is about the antichrist. Sadly, the enemy has been very effective in programming people’s minds with the false, futuristic narrative of prophecy fulfillment.

      As for Messiah’s statement to the thief on the cross, Messiah was not in paradise that day, He was in the grave until the third day. So we can see that Messiah did not mean that He and the thief would be in paradise that day.

      I wasn’t trying to make a theological statement about the state of the dead. I was just noting how the placement of a comma changes the meaning.

      I hope that makes sense. Thanks again for your support, it is greatly appreciated!

  4. David, I listened to your video on why you use the name Yah, and I also found a transcript somewhere that I printed out. I listened to the one on why you use the name Messiah, but I can’t locate the transcript. Do you have a transcript, David; and if so, could you send me a link to it?

    Thank you so much, Teresa


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