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102 thoughts on “Contact David Nikao Wilcoxson”

  1. Hi David,

    I have come out of the Charismatic sector of false Christianity, speaking in tongues and all. Where are you at in regards to praying in tongues as one’s own prayer language between God and a person?

    • Hi Monique, I’ve not done research on speaking in tongues. If it helps one worship the Heavenly Father, then it’s a great gift to have. Regarding speaking in tongues in public, I think that someone needs to be able to translate what is spoken so that it can edify everyone.

  2. David, I’ve listened to so much info recently that I can’t seem to keep it straight. I think it was in one of your videos that you listed the past and present prime ministers of Israel and the origin of their real family names. Could you email me a link to that video? I’m not sure that I will see your answer otherwise. Thanks so much, Teresa

  3. David, which of your videos contained the info about the past and present Prime Ministers of Israel and the true origin of their family names? You listed each one and the country of origin with their original names before changing to Jewish names. If you could post a link, I would be so appreciative.

    Thanks, Teresa

  4. If all those who are part of catholic church have the mark of the beast, how can they be saved if they already have been marked head and hand by their actions? Even if not a physical mark and its all spiritual, are you implying that one would have until they die a chance to be saved and mark of the beast removed?
    Thank you for your thoughts

    • Kimberly, Martin Luther and many others were in the Catholic Church and when the Scriptural Gospel was proclaimed to them, they repented and came out of the harlot church. Many Catholics were saved during the Protestant Reformation.

      In Revelation 18:4, Messiah commands people to come out of the harlot church of Rome. So that tells me that if a person repents and comes out of her, then they won’t have the mark on them anymore. I hope that helps. David


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