Open Letter To Amir Tsarfati Behold Israel

Amir Tsarfati Behold Israel, I pray that you will consider what I’m saying, for not only are you misleading your followers with false futuristic prophecy fulfillment explanations, but you’re acting as a stumbling block for Jews in recognizing their promised Messiah!

The historical fulfillment of the 70th week of Daniel 9 from 27-34 AD, Messiah’s Olivet Discourse which described events leading to the Jewish-Roman War of 66-70 AD, and most of prophecies in Revelation during the last 1,900 years; validates the authority of Scripture and the deity of Messiah. Your false, futuristic explanations serve to hide those proofs.

The concept of a future 70th week of Daniel 9, in which a one-man antichrist appears and most of Revelation is fulfilled, is a deception from the enemy. I know that sounds crazy since most people teach these concepts, but the enemy has worked hard to mislead the end-times saints so that even the very elect are deceived.

I don’t proclaim this for my sake, because this isn’t about me. This is about your misrepresentation of prophecy fulfillment. I’m not saying that you’re doing it on purpose as you seem very sincere in your love for Messiah, but the net effect is the same.

You can dismiss what I’m saying and defend your beliefs, but now you’re accountable and I’ve fulfilled my role as the watchman blowing the trumpet.

The 70th week of Daniel 9 prophecy is the one Bible prophecy which foretold when Messiah would carry out His ministry and die for our sins, but you seem to assign the 70th week of Daniel 9 to an end-times seven-year tribulation period. This prevents people from seeing the glorious fulfillment by Messiah, as what took place during the 70th week of Daniel was the pinnacle of human history.

Messiah’s Olivet Discourse foretold the events which would take place before Jerusalem, the temple and the Jewish nation were desolated in 70 AD. Everything that Messiah described can be accounted for using the witness of Scripture and the account of Jewish-Roman historian Josephus. Yet you are assigning it to the end-times, which prevents people from seeing the exacting fulfillment, in that generation of wicked Jewish leaders just like Messiah proclaimed!

Revelation 1:1 and 1:3 tells us that the prophecies in Revelation would begin to be fulfilled shortly after it was written. We can use the account of Roman Empire historian Edward Gibbon and the testimony of the saints, to see how most of it has been fulfilled during the last 1,900 years. By assigning it to the end-times featuring a future one-man antichrist, you’re preventing people from seeing the amazing fulfillment.

The historical fulfillment of the 70th week of Daniel 9, Messiah’s Olivet Discourse, and most of Messiah’s apocalyptic vision in Revelation; validates the authority of Scripture and the deity of Messiah!

By assigning those things to the future, you’re hiding the glory of Messiah from your followers, and from Jews who are not able to see that they’ve been fulfilled in exacting detail!

You can click on the links of the 70th week of Daniel 9 and the Olivet Discourse, to request a free PDF of the books that I’ve written on those topics. If you want to read the Revelation Timeline Decoded book, I can send you a PDF of it. If you like printed books, then those are available too.

This message is given out of love for you and the saints, and to the lost who need to see the glorious fulfillment of prophecy. When the saints expose the deceptions of the enemy, they will cast down their power, to set the captives free, and there will be a glorious harvest for the kingdom.

When Jews see the amazing fulfillment of the 70th week of Daniel 9, Messiah’s Olivet Discourse and His prophecies in His apocalyptic vision, then they will see the proof that He is their promised Messiah.

I pray that you take these words to heart and pray about them, for we will all stand before our Righteous Judge to account for what we’ve believed and taught people.

Your brother in Messiah,
David Nikao Wilcoxson

David Nikao Wilcoxson - Bible Prophecy Decoded

My ministry focuses on teaching Bible prophecy, to expose the enemy’s prophecy fulfillment deceptions.

I’ve written three prophecy fulfillment books; about the 70th week of Daniel 9, Messiah’s Olivet Discourse and Messiah’s apocalyptic vision in Revelation.

They provide much more information than my website studies, to prove out the fulfillment of these prophecies in detail. All three of these prophecies are extremely important, as they validate the authority of Scripture and the deity of Messiah.

This is why the enemy has worked so hard to hide the truth. I pray that there will be a great awakening in these end times, that people will see the glorious truth of the fulfillment of these prophecies, to cast down the power of the enemy, to set the captives free and that a great multitude will be redeemed into the kingdom for the glory of our Heavenly Father and beloved Messiah!

Click here to read a description of the Bible prophecy fulfillment books that I’ve published.

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