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102 thoughts on “Contact David Nikao Wilcoxson”

  1. David,

    I would like to start off by saying I am a follower of the TRUE MESSIAH JESUS CHRIST (choosing to use this name as it is how I became saved.) I have read many of your articles and websites and agree with absolutely EVERYTHING you have taken the time to write down and share.

    I would like to know if you have, or plan on making any articles or sites exposing the WICKED beliefs and teachings from the TALMUD that the “Jews” have tried to keep secret for so long.

    I will include verses and page numbers but not the words as they are violently disgusting and will offend some people.

    *Sanhedrin 77A
    *Sanhedrin 52B
    *Yebamoth 60B- page. 402
    *Kethuboth 11B- page. 58
    *Yebamoth 57B, 58A- page. 386

    These verses would explain A LOT of the PERVERSION AND SEXUAL DEVIANCIES that we see in the big world of Hollywood and even within the Government which is INFESTED with these Talmud believing “Jews” who are truly nothing more than REPROBATES.

    I would like to ask why not expose these fake jews the same way you have for other false religions and wicked individuals?
    If you have any websites on these topics that i may have missed, i apologize and would greatly appreciate it if you would direct me towards them.

    I also understand these are very sensitive topics compared to others you have brought up and discussed. I will understand if you choose to avoid this to make sure you are not affected in any way by exposing these sick freaks. But I ask that you please contact me privately if that is the case as I am hungry to learn more.

    Nothing but love for you my fellow brother in faith. I pray for nothing but peace and happiness for all of our fellow believers.

    • Thank you for your comment Stevie! Praise our Heavenly Father that you’re a follower of His Son, Jesus Christ!

      I published several studies many years ago about the fake Jews on this website:

      Look in the Israel And Jews Deceptions section. It includes titles like Christians should not support Israel, which include some of the horrible statements from the Talmud.

      I cover how the fake Jews fulfill Revelation prophecy in this study:

      Maybe some day I’ll combine a lot of the information about the Edomites, the Khazars, the fake Jews, their Talmud and Kabbalah, etc. in a study on this website.

      Keep learning and growing in The Way of Messiah!

  2. David,

    Read your book Revelation Timeline Decoded. Excellent. That is the only description of Historicism that I have found which highlights the black pope as part of the Beast team.

    Futurism seems to be the mainstay in North America. It’s very hard to take any of these people seriously because the teaching is so off base. I can’t help but think that Futurism in itself is some sort of deception that will lead many astray. I don’t think it’s an accident.

    Not sure how to describe this, but it seems to me that events identified as prophetic fulfillments of the Futurist view will continue. In fact, the scenario for the perceived futurist ‘mark’ seems fairly valid to me when I look into the emerging field of Pharmagenomics, whereby AI will be used to search for ‘errors’ in the human genome and ‘correct’ them. This sort of feels like ‘mingling with the seeds of men to me’. Could we be ‘changed’ to something God is not in favour of? I think that is possible. And it doesn’t take fallen angels, nephilim, or even aliens. It’s mankind doing it to themselves.

    As well, when one looks at Theosophy and the New Age movement, there is another parallel moving into its completion stage in the 21st century. All kinds of information here. A number of Occultists have spoken of the ‘initiation’ and the change that is required in mankind in order to step in the new age. The concept of ‘homo viator’ that is espoused by the Catholic Church seems to me like adoption of the Occultist evolution idea. The Catholic Church actually supports evolution of the ‘image of God’ in men to be achieved through genomic manipulation. Numerous documents now over the years have stated this is okay as long as it is ‘good’ for mankind.

    It seems to me therefore, that we live at a time of convergence. Convergence of the ‘real’ Biblical timeline with other deceptive timelines.

    I think I recall you alluding to a potential scenario like this near the end of Timeline Decoded. All these movements converging, and it’s so obviously spiritual. I really feel for those who don’t have eyes to see.


    • Thank you for your comment Jason and for sharing that insight. I appreciate your zeal in studying these things.

      Sadly, most people are apathetic as they’ve been misled by the false, futuristic narrative of prophecy fulfillment. They think that they will be magically raptured out before the events of Revelation, so there’s no need to study it.

      Yeah, the enemy supports their false narrative with things like Zionist Israel, declarations that the temple will be rebuilt, people who seem like they could be the supposed one-man antichrist, things that seem like the mark of the beast, etc.

      The truth is actually very mundane, as most of the prophecies in Revelation have already been fulfilled, the popes of Rome fulfill prophecy as the man of sin and antichrist beast, and the mark of the beast is revering and obeying the pope.

      Sadly, 1.3 billion Catholics have the mark on them, as they revere the pope as their leader; and are misled by a false gospel of works through the sacraments and a false intercessor in Mary.

      Keep learning and growing in The Way of Messiah!

  3. (Please email me your response.)
    I’m sorry, I’m not very familiar with your work. You may have thoroughly covered this, but I can’t seem to find it on your website.

    My question is: Do you believe in the literal fulfillment of the 1000 year rein of Christ? & if so, what is the final prophecy that must be fulfilled prior to the return of Jesus Christ? I saw that you said we are waiting on WW3 and the economic collapse, I agree entirely. But I’m just curious as to what your thoughts are, and how you think the unfulfilled & final parts of revelation will be fulfilled.

    P.s. how is obeying the Pope the mark of the beast? Catholics are obviously able to buy & sell.

  4. Hello David!

    I want to show you this series on Historicist Eschatology

    even though your series is much more to-the-point (hers is way overlong and much too involved for a mere video series) and interesting. I show it because visually she has put together a very nice presentation that cost her nothing. All her images she found online. Her presentation is very understated (no glitz or gee-whiz graphics), tasteful, and enjoyable to look at. I present it as a template in case you ever wish to do something similar. You don’t really need to, but you might want to. Folks are attracted to nice appearances. Unfortunately.

    Blessings to you David! Always!

  5. Prophetic Prepping ——
    My HOPE for you ALL is to Become Saved….
    there’s thousands of Un-Saved pastors..&…millions of Un-Saved believers….

    JESUS Never started a new denomination called….churchanity…&..there’s No Such Thing as a sunday sermon in the Bible….

    Salvation — is a Conditional & Relational word….
    Salvation…and/or…” Saved “…is NOT a 1 Time Occurrence…it’s a Present Tense Real Time State of Being…NOT…a Once Upon a Time Confession….

    there’s NO SUCH THING as a sinners prayer…or….sunday church in the Bible….

    Be Advised….
    the Pre-Trib Rapture ISN’T for the Generic LukeWarm man made pagan sunday churches….
    the Rapture is for His True Bride….Only…
    John 3:29 — He who has the bride is the bridegroom
    the BrideGroom Never started a new denomination called….churchanity….
    AnyOne Who Isn’t Doing His Will for their Life….will be Left behind — Matt 7:21


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