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93 thoughts on “Contact David Nikao Wilcoxson”

    • Thanks Bob! I read through some of that website years ago, is it seems to be a place where the evil ones proclaimed the truth about what is taking place, perhaps to be able to proclaim that they told the world about their plans and who is behind the evil One World Gov.

      • I am reading one of your books write now the only thing I would perhaps disagree with is the fact you said they were not taking it as the son of man coming back but talking about the new kingdom.
        I understand alot of Revealtion has already happened but Jesus himself said some of you will still be standing here when you see the son of man coming in the sky so pretty sure he wasn’t talking about the kingdom he was saying he was going to come back which he did on Pentecost and more than likely with the destruction of Jerusalem which I am not sure if it happened in 70ad more evidence points to 286 ad when Maximus killed all those people I think it was called the targan legion slaughter look at all the paintings you see Jesus on a cloud I find that very Interesting.
        Plus I believe the real rome is geneva switzerland where it was the capital of Rome during ad and the connection to the hellivites and Appollo plus many other things and I think the vatican is the old Jerusalem made to look like the vatican to many facts show this plus the bible says Jerusalem would never be a city again the Jerusalem we see is a man made lie just like isreal. Those are my thoughts

        • Leslie, Coming on the clouds is a term that’s used in the Old Testament to point to judgment. I show how Messiah ‘coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory’ points to Him coming in judgment of the unbelieving Jew by causing the Roman army to destroy Jerusalem and the Jewish nation.

          With the physical types destroyed, Messiah set up the spiritual kingdom of His Father. That’s not pointing to His physical return.

          I don’t have input on your thoughts Rome being Geneva or the Vatican being old Jerusalem, other than I’ve never heard that before.

          Keep learning and growing in The Way of Messiah.

  1. Hi David,

    Did you ever heard about Dr. Walter Veith’s seminars?
    Some things are similar with you, but also differences.
    No Biblical teachers explain the same way.
    But your lectures are also worthwile.

    God bless,

    Reinhard Schaap
    (The Netherlands).

  2. You made one fatal error
    Prophecy Points To The Leader Of The Roman Beast

    When he seeks to change times and laws I don’t think God is talking about traffic laws or European laws/calendars. When God talks about laws he ALWAYS refers to the Torah and HIS calendar. Therefore he is referring only to HEBREWs. He is referring to a pharisee leader changing times and laws. What does God care about the pope? or the popes of russia, england, or greece or the coptics? Try it again by focusing on when the pharisees changed God’s calendar and Yehovah’s laws. Then you will find the real answer. You sound like Michael Rood mixed with Ellen G White when you write this stuff. Keep up the good work bro! I’ll see you when the smoke clears.

    • George, the Prophecy Points To The Leader Of The Roman Beast page is an overview study, not a detailed explanation. Where did I say that God is talking about traffic laws?

      In my YouTube videos and book I give an explanation of how the antichrist beast Popes changed the law by removing the second commandment about idol worship, how they changed the calendar to be based around the sun as they are sun-god worshipers. Pope Gregory changed the calendar which affects the whole world.

      God points to the antichrist beast Pope through Daniel the prophet, and the Apostles Paul and John. The main enemy in Revelation is the office of the papacy, the popes of Rome who have misled billions of people with a false Gospel in the name of Jesus Christ. The popes have caused Catholics to torture and kill tens of millions of Messiah’s saints, in the name of Jesus Christ.

      Why do you insult me by saying that I sound like a mix Michael Rood and Ellen G White, and then tell me to keep up the good work?

      Thank you, I will keep up the good work of teaching the truth of prophecy fulfillment, so that those with eyes to see and ears to hear, will clearly see the truth.

  3. Hey David Just wathed “The Secret Destiny Of The USA”. Have been trying ti get people to watch Secret Mysteries of America’s Beginning
    So they could see that trump appears to be the fake savior to rebuild the US from the ahses like the Phoenix and also see they are words that are sin to say and other’s improperly translated to cause error. You use one which is Church wich means the temple of Circe and certainly is not a traslation of such terms as the called out.
    Another thing is people are so quick to call the eagle the Phoenix and it is not. It is Zeus whose familiar spirit is and Eagle. Look up Zeus and Ganymede image to see Zeus as an eagle kidnapping Ganymede to be his pederastic boy toy. Antiochus Epphines put a statue of Zues in the temple with his own face on and Antichrist will do the same as he fulfilled Daniels foreshadow prophecy that show what Antichrist will do.
    Not bashing you just trying to help. Glad you did not forget Yahuah’s name for Baal or the LORD.
    I am pointing people to that video of yours though as even some that understand mason are bad don’t realize they were created and are controled by Jesuits just as it true with Islam and many false “Protestant Churches”. They claim Protestant are under the Popes control and use the fact they worship on the first day as proof since it was the Pope that ordered it not Christ. That is true as all “Protestants” use Reformed RCC theology and keep several of its heresies. Very few will be saved.
    Sorry if I said things you know just want make sure you do and I can’t go through all of your work now.

    • Thank you for your comment Jose! And thanks for the video link. It is amazing how the heavens declared the fulfillment of prophecy. I appreciate your zeal for learning about the fulfillment of prophecy! Keep pressing on for the glory of our King!


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