Bible Prophecy Fulfillment Books

Here are the Bible prophecy fulfillment books that I’ve published.

These books provide much more information than my website studies, to prove out the fulfillment of these prophecies in detail. All three of these prophecies are extremely important, as they validate the authority of Scripture and the deity of Messiah.

This is why the enemy has worked so hard to hide the truth. I pray that there will be a great awakening in these end times, that people will see the glorious truth of the fulfillment of these prophecies, to cast down the power of the enemy, to set the captives free and that a great multitude will be redeemed into the kingdom for the glory of our Heavenly Father and beloved Messiah!

I now offer the trilogy of Bible Prophecy Decoded books as a package which is shipped from me, along with a laminated Revelation Layers Chart, prophecy fulfillment summaries and a bookmark. Read the descriptions of the books here and then click on Bible Prophecy Decoded book package. Or you can click on the links below to order individual books from Amazon.

The books are available on Amazon in these countries; US, UK, DE, FR, ES, IT, JA, CA and AU; and also in Amazon Kindle format.

If you don’t like buying from Amazon, Powell’s Books in Portland, Oregon has the books in stock.

70th Week Of Daniel 9 Decoded book - 7 year tribulation concept explained.

There are two key reasons to read this book. First, the 70th week of Daniel is the only prophecy in the Bible that foretold exactly when Messiah would start His ministry and when He would die for our sins.

When you understand the fulfillment, you have tangible proof to give to the world, that the Bible is true and that Messiah is deity.

The second reason is that the popular explanations for the fulfillment of Revelation are based on the concept of a futuristic 70th week of Daniel, an end-times seven-year tribulation period.

When you understand that the 70th week of Daniel is about the Jewish nation waiting for their promised Messiah to appear in the first century; then you know that it’s not about the antichrist.

If you insist that the 70th week of Daniel has not been fulfilled, then read Daniel 9:24-27, and ask yourself these questions. During which week of the seventy-week prophecy did Messiah carry out his multiyear ministry? And in which week did He die for our sins? If you’re honest with the text, you’ll see that the only place for those events is in the 70th week.

Regarding the ‘covenant’ of Daniel 9:27, it’s the same covenant that Daniel just mentioned in Daniel 9:4, which already existed.It is the everlasting covenant that was made to Abraham, which Messiah came to ‘confirm’ with His blood as the Passover Lamb, which paid the price for our sins and ended the need for temple animal sacrifices.

We’ll all stand before our Righteous Judge to account for what we believe and teach about the most important prophecy in the Bible. I pray that you will read the explanations in this book about the 70th week of Daniel, compare it to Scripture, and discern it for yourself.


The Olivet Discourse Decoded - Matthew 24 book by David Nikao WilcoxsonMatthew records that Messiah pointed to “this generation” ten times. In the final time, Messiah said, “Verily I say unto you, this generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled.” Matthew 24:34

The nine previous mentions are pointing to the Jews who opposed Messiah. Are we to believe that the tenth time that He described “this generation,” that He is pointing to the end times? No!

The context of Messiah’s Olivet Discourse is the desolation of the temple that He was just in when He rebuked the Jews and said, “Verily I say unto you, all these things shall come upon this generation.”

All of the things that Messiah described from Matthew 23:36 to Matthew 24:33 were fulfilled by 70 AD when the Romans desolated Jerusalem, the temple, and the Jewish nation.The enemy has deceived people about the symbolism of the sun, moon, and stars being darkened; Messiah coming in power and glory; and the elect being gathered into the kingdom. But the Bible gives the proper definitions for the symbols.

We need to take Messiah at His Word and look at how the things that He described were about the Jewish nation, for their punishment of continuing their rebellion against the Father, for delivering Messiah up to be killed, and for persecuting His disciples.

The Olivet Discourse is directed related to the 70th Week of Daniel 9, which I cover in my previous book, which says that the city and temple will be desolated because of the abominations of the Jews.

If you’re seeking for truth, and not to defend a belief, this book will prove out the fulfillment of Messiah’s Olivet Discourse. It will help you see that it’s not about the end times so that you’re not misled about the fulfillment of Revelation, as we await Messiah’s promised return.


Revelation Timeline Decoded by David Nikao Wilcoxson - end times prophecy

Messiah’s apocalyptic vision is a war manual, designed to hide the explanation from those who should not understand it. It uses symbolic words that are defined in the Old Testament to point to a literal fulfillment. If you read Revelation only from a literal perspective, the interpretation is hidden.

Understanding the vision is like taking a Biblical final exam. If you’ve read the whole Word, you will have seen the symbolism that Messiah uses and can apply it to the fulfillment.

If you read Revelation as one chronological narrative, the prophecies seem out of sequence. That’s because it has four chronological layers, each of which spans from when it was written until Messiah returns.

This book explains the prophecies of Revelation on a timeline to help you see how the four chronological layers interact with each other, so that you can comprehend the whole vision.

You will learn how to identify who fulfills the role of the son of perdition, the antichrist beast, the false prophet, and the harlot called ‘Mystery, Babylon the Great.’ You will understand the proper context of the seal, trumpet, and bowl judgments; the little book of Revelation 10, and the two witnesses of Revelation 11.

Whether you’re a novice at Bible prophecy or someone who has studied it extensively, I provide an explanation that is easy to understand yet has the depth of verse by verse explanations to provide you the evidence you need to prove it out.


Here’s a link to a Revelation Timeline Decoded Book Resource Page

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52 thoughts on “Bible Prophecy Fulfillment Books”

  1. Good afternoon. I’m just curious, do you have a information regarding Coronavirus or Covid-19 of why it was invented here on Earth and it is giving sickness and killing people worldwide ?

  2. David, you said the white represents the conquering, Roman Empire. Doesn’t the white horse represents the false prophet?

  3. Good Afternoon Sir,
    I have Read the first two so far. I am surprisingly captivated. I am your perfect pupil, I have never studied prophesy, so I had no preconceived notions going in. I was given the books by a friend, and I am passing them to other friends. Plus I bought my own set. There is so much information in there, I can’t remember it all when Im discussing the Books with people.
    Is there a Bullet point version I can read over? Id like to be able to find your references and re-read them without having to re-read the books.

      • Thank you Sir,
        That will definitely do!
        The friend of mine that gave me your Books visited tonight. I told him how I had read through the first two, But I couldn’t get the third from the guy who was last reading it. Then I showed him the Set that arrived in the mail today. He was relieved and excited at the same time. Now there are two sets of “Timeline Decoded” books Floating around in the hands of my friends. And I can now start the last Book.

        • That’s great Rick! I’m working on an updated version of the Revelation Fulfillment Summary which will give much more information. It will be available as a free PDF. Hopefully I’ll have it done in the next few weeks.

          • Good evening Sir,
            I hope you are well. Can you help me. I was showing a friend of mine about the numerology for the word “Latienos”. We figured out how to use alphabet and numeral charts to recreate the sum we were looking for. The problem I am having is I can’t find that word being actually used any where. I tried google, bing, and duck duck go. latin to english translators say the english term is latenos, which isn’t in the dictionary. For that matter latienos is not even in the online latin dictionary I looked in.
            How do I show my friend that this is an actual latin term.

          • Good evening Rick. Here’s the information from my Revelation Timeline Decoded book:

            Rome is the Latin kingdom, and the word Lateinos, the Latin man, identifies the antichrist beast. No name appears more proper and suitable than that the one mentioned by Irenaeus, who lived not long after St. John’s time and was the disciple of Polycarp. He said that “the name Lateinos contains the number of six hundred and sixty-six; and it is very likely because the last kingdom is so-called, for they are Latins who now reign.”

            In Treatise on Christ and Antichrist (230), Hippolytus of Portus says, “It is manifest to all, that those who at present still hold the power, are Latins. If then, we take the name (or number) ‘666’ as the name of a single man –
            it becomes Latinus.”

            In The Papal System: From Its Origin to the Present Time (1872), William Cathcart says, It is also a notable fact that Pope Vitalian was the first to ordain public worship should be celebrated in the Latin tongue, in the year 666, the year with the same number as the antichrist beast. The Council of Trent declared that “the Mass must be celebrated in Latin.” The ‘Latin Church’ is one of the proper names of the mighty papal sect, just as the ‘Greek Church’ describes the Eastern Orthodox denomination. The documents of the popes and of the Roman court, intended for the ecclesiastical authorities of all lands, have been written in Latin from the earliest times; and are still communicated in the same grand old tongue.

            The People’s New Testament by Barton Johnson (1891) says, The Greeks did not express numbers by figures, but by letters, just as among the Romans, X stood for ten and C for one hundred. Six hundred and sixty-six could be expressed by spelling out the words in the Greek language or by using the letters which were symbols for various quantities.
            Greek Lateinos = 666. L = 30, A = 1, T = 300, E = 5, I = 10, N = 50, O = 70, S = 200

            And what is this name? The number of a man; the Greek method of spelling the name of Latinus, the reputed founder of the Latin race. The Romans were a Latin race and spoke the Latin language. The Romish Church is continually officially called the Latin Church, to distinguish it from the Greek Church, the other branch of the great ancient schism; the Catholic sacred books are written in the Latin tongue; the worship is conducted in every country in the Latin alone, and when a Catholic council convenes, all its conferences are conducted in the tongue of the ancient Latins.

            There is, then, a Latin Church, whose official and sacred speech is the Latin language, which has for its seat the ancient Latin capital. That Church is the great Apostate Church, upon whose head the names of blasphemy have been written, which has claimed universal dominion upon the earth and has slain the saints of the Most High.
            Its name is the number of the beast, and that name, Lateinos, the name or number of a man, is 666. It does not destroy the force of this that these numerals and letters can be so combined as to spell out other names. This name is one that at once points to a power which has displayed every mark which is assigned to the beast.

            Revelation 13:18 says that 666 is the number of a man. The Pope’s title is ‘Vicar of Christ,’ which in Latin is ‘Vicarius Filii Dei,’ equates numerically to the number 666 in Latin.

            I hope that help! 🙂

  4. Hi David, I was wondering about your thoughts on the books that were removed from the Bible. Many people believe these are important even if they weren’t divinely inspired books.

    • Hi Carol, I’ve not read all of the books that were removed, to be able to make a statement. As long as they edify what is already written in the other books, they’re okay to read.

      • Thanks David! I hear a lot about the book of Enoch. People say it gives more history. But if some have different authors, I am not sure if all of those books are translated the same. There are very few available.

  5. Hi David,

    I have purchased your Revelation Timeline Decoded book and am awaiting it’s revival. Do you suggest reading the 70th week of Daniel book first? If so, do you have a PFD form available?
    I have not worked in 6 weeks as I refused to provide my employer with a PCR test. I am a student on a tight budget and can not afford to purchase another book, I hope you have a cheaper PDF version available. Many thanks

    • Hi Halle, I appreciate you doing research about prophecy fulfillment! Yes, I recommend that you read the 70th Week Of Daniel 9 Decoded book first, as it shows you the glorious fulfillment by Messiah and the deception that’s based on it. You can request a free PDF version of the book on the home page of the website:

      That’s great that you refuse a PCR test, as the whole narrative is contrived! In Revelation 18:23, Messiah warned us about the pharmaceutical sorcery of the leaders of the earth in the end times. You can read more about that on this website:

      Keep learning and growing in The Way, David


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